Central League dominated by a pair of non-Delco QBs

At the risk of going all Nat King Cole on you, it has truly been said many times, many ways on this site that we limit our coverage to the Delco contingent of the Central League. But it’s still worth pointing out that statistically, the most prolific quarterbacks in the Central League hail from two of its three non-Delco representatives. And seeing as they’ve put up those numbers against 17 Delco opponents combined, it’s worth at least a brief mention.

Harriton’s Pat Moriarty and Conestoga’s Joe Viviano are with little doubt two of the best – in my opinion, the two best – quarterbacks in the area. The seasons they are putting up, and as juniors to boot, are remarkable when viewed in context.

The offensive philosophy of football as a whole has shifted the way of the passing game at virtually every level. With the popularization and adaptation of schemes like the spread offense and the West Coast offense to all levels of the game, the ability to move the ball through the air has a renewed importance.

But – and I know there will be some out there who objects to this statement – prolific, even at times proficient, passing hasn’t manifested itself in Delaware County, per se.

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Catching up with the non-Delco crowd, Week 1

There’s nothing as a sportswriter that bugs me more than getting to weeks 8, 9 and 10 and seeing names on the schedule of Delco teams about which I have no information. With a county whose teams comprise parts of six leagues, only one of which is composed entirely of Delco teams (the Del-Val), these kinds of situations are just about inevitable.

So to remedy the situation – for us in the newsroom, and for you out there going to games – we’re going to take a look each week at what the teams in Delco leagues that happen to fall outside the county limits are up to.

In the Central League:

It would take some digging to find this answer, but I’m willing to bet it’s been quite a while since both Lower Merion school district teams claimed victories on the same weekend. We know what Harriton did in squeaking by a game Chichester team, 41-26.

But Lower Merion also grabbed a win in their opener after a winless 2010 campaign, trouncing Mastbaum Tech, 34-6. When in doubt, head to the Public League, athletic directors always say. While you do have to consider the quality of the opponent, Central League foes will have to watch out for Ernest Pendleton. The senior running back accumulated 125 yards and two scores for the Aces Saturday and will be a handful for defenses all season.

Chester County’s Central League representative also started the season with a win, as Conestoga dumped Owen J. Roberts, 31-14. The Pioneers did so with a balanced attack. Quarterback Joe Viviano was 11-21 for 260 yards and two scores, though he did throw three interceptions, while running back Jerrell Clark collected 124 yards and two touchdowns on the ground.

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