Super 7: Week 2

After much deliberation, and several revisions and second (third, fourth and fifth) thoughts, here is the latest edition of the Super 7.

Disclaimer: The jury is still out on a lot of teams. As I’ve said  a few times, it’s hard to gauge where every team is after just one game. A lot can still change.

Last week, the top 3 teams in the Super 7 all lost (O’Hara, Interboro and Haverford). Unfortunately, Haverford was bounced after only one week, but I suspect that after a win or two, the Fords will be right back in the mix. I still consider them a Central League contender. Again, one week doesn’t alter my season-long outlook.

So, here it is. Feel free to discuss. As always, please keep it civil.

Matt Smith’s Football Super 7

1. Ridley (1-0) + 3

2. Garnet Valley (1-0) +5

3. Academy Park (1-0) + 3

4. Cardinal O’Hara (0-1) – 3

5. Episcopal Academy (1-0) – No change

6. Springfield (1-0) – Unranked

7. Interboro (0-1) – 5

Under Consideration: Haverford High, Strath Haven, Sun Valley, Upper Darby.

NOTE: I added Strath Haven and Sun Valley to “Under Consideration.”

93 thoughts on “Super 7: Week 2

  1. The fact that Episcopal gets no immediate love just makes all us alum’s that much more excited for the season. Keep voting them down, give them another reason to run the table.

    • You realize they were No. 1 practically all of last year, right?

      Again, it’s one week. I’m imploring people not to get too carried away with the early rankings.

  2. I know it’s early but Ridley #1 come on Matt they haven’t won a playoff game in years they are rebuilding this year as stated in your preview of this season. I am a Buc’s fan but, until Lennox gets that offense straight that was a bad loss in my book to Springfield. AP should be #1 they manhandled Marple last week have the premier running back in the county and are quick and big enough on “D”. If Interboro’s line doesn’t get it together and they resolve the poor QB play could be a long year for the Bucs.

    • Right, a bad loss. Line performed well on both sides of the ball for both teams. To quote a friend, “If I was told Interboro would give up just 13 points per game I would take it, all year long”. As for the latter we’ll see, I can’t imagine coach Lennox (defending Dist Champs) allowing them to go down without a possible change. Question is when or if a change is really needed. Del-Val plays only 9 games this year and if I understand correctly no points are given for the 5th week bye. Quite frankly I was suprised to see Interboro in week 2 Super 7. Thanks Matt. While not necessarilly an AP fan they deserve their spot. Lanier is exceptional and can be depended on by Vosheski.

    • Prouddad, I would beg to differ on the premier running back in the county. GV not only has a top running back in the county, they have a top O-line to block for him.

      • Although I haven’t seen the running back from AP yet, so you may be right. But I do believe that GV’s running back is either near or at the top.

  3. Just don’t see justifying Ridley as #1 after all the talent they lost from last year and just a good win over an average team. They may well end up at or near the top by year end, but I’d have them mid-pack until they prove themselves like you have done with EA.

    Otherwise I’d say it is about right, though it is hard to tell this early.

    Looking forward to some big match-ups this weekend that will give a much better feel for things.

      • EA/INT and AP/CO should clear some things up.

        Did you catch the Judge game? I couldn’t make it and am curious as to your take on EA.

    • Andy,

      Anti-Ridley folks will look at the Ridley ranking and say exactly that, and I get it. It’s hard to justify. But, again, I think every team is hard to justify… for lack of a better term.

      If I had put Academy Park No. 1, people would say, “Oh, they beat a bad Marple Newtown team!” and cry about how the Del Val is nowhere near as good as the Central League (which, by the way, is an irrelevant argument).

      If I had put O’Hara No. 1 (which I actually considered), obviously, people would be all over me after the loss to Ryan.

      I don’t mean to slight EA by keeping them at No. 5, because I know they can keep it up and WIN the Inter-Ac, but I don’t think they are there just yet. Yes, they beat a pretty good Judge team ( the weakest of the Class AAAA PCL teams, but still a good squad). I can see EA in the No. 1 spot in two weeks.

      So, I can’t win no matter which way I go.
      The entire essence of the Super 7 is to create discussion and debate. So, yeah… at least there’s that.

      • I’d have had GV one and justified it with a good returning nucleus, big and strong line and solid first game win. I don’t think you would have gotten much push back from that. I would have put Ridley back with EA for now. Otherwise kept what you have

        Like you said and I said, it’s early. I have no prob with where EA is. I think they have a lot to prove with all the talent they lost. Will start to find out this weekend.

      • Oh, and favorite in the I-A is MP, not EA as you mnetioned. MP is strong in the trenches, has a great all-purpose back and quite good knew QB with a solid win over Roman in the opener.

    • Andy, EA looks strong again this year. Butts is dominant. Unlike Strouss this QB they have now doesn’t take off as quick, he seems to let the play develop a little more and prefers to pass. He makes his reads and check downs superbly. I would imagine, if needed he could hurt teams running the ball as well but I didn’t see much of that. Like HS preview said, pretty much the same spread offense, just tweaked a bit.

      • Yeah, I posted below they will air it out more this year, but even Nick Foles had some good runs in the Eagles preseason, so don’t be surprised to see Whayland have some keepers out of the spread.

  4. I agree with Andy, although it’s still early Ridley hasn’t proven anything they lost way too much from last year & beat an average team at best in Glen Mills. Interboro has a lot to be desired as well, with both lines returning for them this year lousy performance from the “O”line past week against Springfield and until Lennox straightens out the QB, Everton will be about useless. from what i saw AP looks the best they manhandled Marple and with Lanier wow they could be scary good. Big week for the Bucs this week defining game 2 losses with the missed game in their schedule could spell trouble for them.

    • INT has quality in the trenches, but they faced a team in S’field that is real strong up front too.

      That’s where I expect INT to have an advantage over EA. EA will air it more this year, and the key will be giving their QB time.

    • I’m not so tough on the line, they are a great group of tough kids. Perhaps, they were faced with a very good d-line in Springfield. They can hang with the best of them, If you remember last year the running game was not very productive, we beat them thru the air and got the ball into the skilled players hands, (Fentress and others) What you say about “useless” may be a tough reality that Everton may need to face. BUC”S are tough coming off losses which plays to their favor this week. Like you said this will be a defining week for the BUCS

      • Yeah. I’m obviously rooting for EA, but coming of a loss and playing at home gives the Bucs the advantage if we are to assume these two teams are evenly matched.

        The Bucs also have experience now with EA’s spread, which befuddled them last year. If the Bucs can stop the big pass plays and keep EA to longer yardage on 3rd down where they know it will probably be a pass (when you didn’t know last year), I can see the Bucs taking it. Needless to say, I’ll challenge this EA team to prove me wrong😉

  5. dead on with 1 ,2 ,3. Ridleys Qb has a big arm and they throw often. GV kills teams with depth and lanier is the best back at AP since lavon wesley I don’t see the top 3 changing for a bit

  6. Matt,

    Get away from previous winners and look for the teams who have improved from last year. No hints just check the scores this Friday evening

    • I made mistakes in the past doing just that.

      All last week was was a sample size, nothing more and nothing less. Actually, last week tells me very little about where teams stand. I considered last week’s results when putting together this week’s Super 7, but took the results with a grain of salt.

      Basically, I feel there are five teams worthy of being No. 1: Ridley, Academy Park, Garnet Valley, O’Hara and EA. Those top five spots are pretty interchangeable at this point in the season.

      • Agreed. This team will be different this year. You will see what I mean shortly. Picking top teams in an area is always a “crap shoot”, but at least you give it your best.

      • Well put Matt! I agree…the top 5 teams could be interchangeable. There may be 3 or 4 teams that may still be interchangeable after Friday. I believe after the 3rd week of games there will be a clear cut number 1 that most would agree on.

  7. Thank god for another post, I love when controversial things pop up. Matt, you should always make interesting calls to stir up the blog. I LOVE FOOTBALL!!!

    • Stopping the run is not their problem. Big Plays, turnovers, and mistakes are. They played good defense AT TIMES against Ryan. They were on the field most of the game and let up 3 scores all on big plays. Ryan also runs the ball very well credit to them for the win. Great O Line with a speedy rb. Underrated team this year. I see O’Hara getting it together this week against AP and so on. Watch out for Ryan too in PCL 4A.

    • Most of us, including myself, should give O’Hara the benefit of the doubt. It’s one game, and they played a very good AAAA program. Let’s see how they bounce back.

      • So you’re ready to consider them a failure after losing to an out of division opponent in Week 1? Give ME a break.

        The result has no bearing whatsoever on their season. They’re going to lose the La Salle game, too, but I’m more interested to see how well they do against AAA squads. That starts tomorrow night.

      • Kevin Leyden is probably the best all-purpose player in the county. He’s a very dangerous, pass-catching RB (101 total yards in a blowout loss last week). So, in terms of pure athleticism, Leyden has to be considered the top all-around player. He’s a playmaker.

        Lanier is a powerhouse. He’s extremely shifty and runs harder than anyone I’ve seen since Matt Craig at Springfield. So, for my money, the best RB is Lanier. I know not many of you have seen him play since he goes to Academy Park and doesn’t play in the Central or Catholic leagues, but if you were to buy a ticket to watch one game, I would get out to an AP game just to see him in action..

        It’s still hard to believe that Interboro, after getting lit up by him in the game that gave AP the Del Val title, was able to come back and figure out a way to shut him down in the playoffs. A huge testament to Interboro d-coordinator Mike D’Esposito, who is one of the best defensive minds you’ll find in the area.

        I’ve yet to see Blyden live, but I will on Friday. If you go to our Video page, there is a highlight package f both Lanier and Blyden from last year. Check it out. Poquie, too, is very, very good (he’s built like a freakin’ rock). I don’t think he’s a guy who can run 20-30 times a game like Lanier or Leyden because of a history with nagging injuries. We’ll see, though. Poquie is a great talent, but if I had to rank those three in terms of pure RB ability, I’d go Lanier, Leyden and Poquie.

      • Yardage, total or not, is misleading because if it was a true blowout were the 1’s in there or their backups. After this Friday check the total yardage of the backs in Delco and let me know of any surprises; there may be 2!

      • I know yardage is misleading in blowout, but it shows me the kid was still in there producing for his team when they had no shot to win. That’s worth something to me.

    • Oh, stop. C’mon, it was one game.

      I haven’t seen either since last year, but if you ask coaches in the Central League, they’ll say Leyden is a special talent. For all I know, Irving is going to go nuts this year, and I sure hope he does.

      I’ve had players — All-Delco players — tell me that Leyden is the best player they’ve ever went up against. But, success should not be taken for granted. It’s a new season.

      By the way, this is taking NOTHING away from Jake Irving or any other back in the league, for that matter.

    • Jake Irving is the fasted running back that i have seen. I’m not saying he’s the best, but he hits the hole quicker then any back that I have seen in high school football.

  8. Leyden will probably run all over Penncrest as he did last year and scored 4 touchdowns. Leyden is hands down the most athletic player in the county

    • Keep in mind that Leyden ran against a Penncrest defense that had 9 sophomores starting last year! This year those 9 are juniors and a whole lot different than last year. Did you see the rushing stats for Upper Merion in the 20-0 loss to Penncrest? 18 rushes for 15 yards! Leyden is absolutely a very good back but this is the year not to sell Penncrest short; the third year of coach Rick Stroup’s tenure at Penncrest. Keep in mind he was Garnet Valley’s defensive coordinator when they went to and won the state title. Go to the game it will be a good one!

      • I hope Penncrest is turning it around on defense. Averaged about 355 yards per last year. We’ll see how they fare against a potent offensive attack.

      • So how did they do? I think Penncrest have more surprised in store for their competition this week. Leyden has to be considered one of the best backs in the county!

      • Nobody will ever respect Penncrest? Ask Leyden what he did and his team did in the second half last night? 28 plays for -9 yards. Leyden is good but he ran into a team who wanted it more last evening! By the way, who is Dan Fisher the new QB at Penncrest? Seems like he had a pretty decent game.

      • Fisher worked extremely hard in the offseason and attended a couple of the top QB camps on the East Coast. He’ll be good. It helped he was able to get some playing time for an injured Shane Donnelly last year.

  9. Folks, it’s why they play the games. Rankings at this time of the year mean nothing, what matters is the results throughout the season. All these rankings go is make for good banter amongst fans of the various teams.

  10. when was the last time upper merion won a game. Haverford also has a 240 found fullback returning in Alex drum who is a tank and a very fast running back in Jai Thorton. Penncrest will not be able to stop there offense. Council Rock North should win a few games in the playoffs.

  11. Can’t we just ridley play and not judge them on who they lost so they lost people ok but let’s just judge the m on their current onfield play which right now is pretty good considering

    • You can make the same argument for any team and where they are ranked. Only one game has been played. Will be interesting to see where things end up year end compared to now. Matt’s rankings the first week were way off and a disagreed with a bit of them. I am agreeing with these rankings more so, but still, who knows this early…..

      • yeah its tough with no real body of work to judge yet but i agree well just all have too see how it all unfolds for everyone… too early yet

      • Wow, if I praised an Interboro player by name like that, Buc fans/parents would draw and quarter me…..I don’t like AP but I do like Lanier and his father (Jerry Sr) he had class last year on the blogs

  12. If Sun Valley played in the DelVal League instead or the ChestMont league, everyone would be talking about him as #1 RB in Delco. The kid really has all the tools.

      • Delco fan…’re good so far. Give me your input on the BUCS this year, as if I don’t know already. Something or someone is missing this year that wasn’t last year.

      • Big buc i think u have a good jv youth team and the prospect league 120s look good so expect a broght future

      • I baby no one. I admit when I’m wrong, and I was clearly dead wrong about O’Hara.

        They’re still deep in talent, but for two seasons now, they haven’t been able to work as a cohesive unit. They’re not in a good spot, and to have to work things out while also prepping for La Salle, makes for a bad mix. That all said, I think they’ll be OK. If I were an O’Hara fan, I would still keep the faith.

      • And to answer ur question u guys dont play many guys which will end up hurting and i feel like ur qb is hurting u

      • Delco fan, your absolutely right. I’m just glad it came out of your mouth and not mine. Last year we did’nt play many either, however we played the playmakers. We got them the ball and they produced. I checked out the Boxscores for Interboro this week and Everton was minus 1 yard (are you kidding me) one of the top talents in Delco. This kid is an electrifying player with game changing potential each time he has the ball. It would appear to me that the team is building around sub-par play instead of making the changes necessary to get the ball into Evertons hands 8 to 10 times a game. Just look at his contributions and quite leadership from last year and you will be asking yourself the same questions. On a more sad note…..any Div 1 and Div 2 interest that Everton may have been getting will certainly drop off if he doesn’t get his numbers for the year. That would be sad to think a coach would let that happen to such a hardworking kid. You know Algeo helped his recruits get noticed, Vosheski will surely keep giving Lanier the ball 25 times a game so that he gets interest and the coaches for the Fords i’m sure will be getting Leyden his touches and the list goes on.

      • Oh I forgot also in the box score was 3-12-1 and 6 yards total passing. What a disgrace. Just to think AP is focusing on beating us up this year (and just might) and the BUCS have decided not to use their stud WR for other than a decoy instead of tayloring the offence around him and the stud RB’s they have in Sonny and Eric. We have seen over the past two games our running the all is capable of putting 7 up on the board include Everton in the mix and he is capable of another 14 to 21 points a game. This will be a long season. All of the BUCS work hard I was just talking about skilled players

      • Big buc I was a big fan of ur team last year after Springfield was knocked out. But sometimes the qb can put the ball in the right spots I feel like there’s a rift between ur qb and his receivers. And Matt for ur response about team work u need a coach to enforce that

      • I wouldn’t necessarily say a rift between the positions, frustration maybe……some are playing just for fun and others are playing for scholarships. That means 2 different work ethics and different feelings on losing etc….It will work itself out

      • Big Buc relax. I think Mark is a terrific high school player. College coaches do not worry about numbers they look at potential. If they feel he can help them at the next level they will recruit him. I don’t think Vosheski gives the ball to Lanier to get him recruited he gives him the ball because he is a stud. To compare rb and wr are so different. It is a lot easier to get a rb the ball. Interboro and Mark will be fine enjoy the season

      • Hey three kids, I had to wait to reply because I was at work. Again thanks for your comment, however I beg to differ about potential….with college recruiting budgets at an all time low the days of coaches coming out to watch games is for the most part over. I am pretty well versed in the recruiting process. With that said, college coaches increasingly have relied upon third parties for the evaluation process so they can review Highlight film at the third parties suggestion. (Copy and past the following link into your browser) for an example.

        Without highlight and game film you’re sunk. They want to see improvement from year to year and that is measured by key measurables and stats. I wasn’t comparing RB to WR the point I was trying to make was use the players that score you points and win games for you. Your right Vosheski plays Lanier because he is a stud and by giving him that opportunity 25 times a game, Jerry is able set records, accumulate incredible stats and get recognized on at least a statewide network. Trust me though Vosheski will help Lanier in any way he can to help a kid stay off the streets and go to college instead.

        Lastly, I always enjoy watching the Bucs play, all of them, they are a gritty never give up kiind of team. They are able to come back from behind almost at will with proper play calling, and thats awesome because you can never count them out of the game.

        Thanks again, for yur kind words. Go BUCS!!!

  13. This is my Super 7 going into week 3
    1. Springfield
    2. Academy Park
    3. Penncrest
    4. Sun Valley
    5. Garnet Valley
    6. Episcopal Academy
    7a. Ridley
    7b.Upper Darby
    Under Consideration- Delco Christian (have to show these guys some love), Marple, Haverford. O’hara (even though they both are 0-2, still have the potential of winning teams)
    Anyone agree?

    • Having seen Springfield and Academy Park successively, I think I can say with some credence that AP is at least two touchdowns better than Springfield…right now. But I could see a scenario where Springfield improves and improves, and beats AP for the district title (hypothetically speaking!). I really like Springfield, but they would be over-matched if the teams faced right now. What separates AP from the rest, I think, is it’s team speed and athleticism.
      I’m trying to be as objective as possible!

      I wouldn’t put Penncrest or Sun Valley that high.

      Also, as someone else said, do not count out Interboro. I still think they’re as good, defensively, as last season. I still like the RB depth and I still like the offensive line. It’s a shame Interboro-AP kick off the Del Val schedule this year, instead of waiting to meet in the final week of the season like last year.

      Delco Christian may get some consideration after what they did last night. Pretty incredible.

      • I had Sun Valley and Penncrest so high because SV blew out both teams they’ve played. Although those two teams were bad, they still did their job and won by landslides. Penncrest is just impressive. A shutout win and then a come from behind win over a talented offense in Haverford. I can’t have interboro in consideration because they don’t look great to me. They schedule tough but it comes back to haunt you when you lose. AP will beat them and Int will be struggling. Springfield defense is very impressive and that’s why I put them over AP. AP has a great offense but if they run into a good defense in the playoffs, such as Springfield, they may not come out with the Win.

      • With regard to Penncrest, I think it was a matter of time before they became a competitive program again (the days of Matt Atkinson and Matt Bundy setting scoring records seem like decades ago). Rick Stroup’s resume speaks for itself — he’s a proven winner at Sun Valley, Garnet Valley, eitch. So far, Penncrest has a win against a bad team (Upper Merion) and a pretty good team (Haverford). That’s enough, in my mind, to convince me they can be a factor in the Central. We’ll see how they respond vs. Conestoga. Suddenly, this is a huge game early in the year. It won’t get the fanfare of Garnet Valley-Ridley this week, but Penncrest vs. Conestoga is every bit as important. I’m looking forward to it.

        I said this in another post — Interboro is far, far, far from done. They will be fine, and I think they are the one team in District One AAA that knows HOW to beat Academy Park. I know, this is a different season and I shouldn’t refer to what happened last year, but there’s a track record. Interboro kids are tough, I just wonder if they have enough playmakers to stand a chance this year. I just don’t know if they do.

        I agree with your last point — I can see a scenario play out where Springfield beats AP in the playoffs, but I think we’re getting wayyyyy too far ahead of ourselves!

      • Matt I agree Springfield will find out as a team how good they are when u out them against a Ridley or a stoga. They can fight with the best (interboro) and win must win games in fashion(lower Merrion) but the offense isn’t where it should be right now but believe me Charlie Carbin has always been a kid who improves

    • I think there is one team so far that has separated itself with its play and that is AP they are clearly #1 at this time. You can argue from 2 to 7 from a list of teams that include Springfield , Penncrest, SV, GV , EA, Ridley and some others and the season is young so teams like ohara , interboro, Haverford can work there way back in.

      • Just the fact that SV is actually being talked about in a super scenario is pretty amazing when you think about where the were just 2 yrs ago.

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