Around the State: Ex-Pennridge coach jumps ship to Emmaus, tries to back out of Week 1 return

Some of you may have heard the story developing between the Pennridge and Emmaus programs.

Ex-Pennridge coach Randy Cuthbert left the school in May to take the head coach position at Emmaus. And he’s been trying like hell to reschedule Emmaus’s Week 1 game vs. his old team, but to no avail.

Tom Moore of documents the entire struggle. It’s a fascinating story that’s  well worth your time.

Feel free to discuss. Is Cuthbert wrong for trying to reschedule? Should Pennridge have met his requests?

Pennridge will play at Academy Park Sept. 20. Emmaus does not play a Delco team in 2013.

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2 thoughts on “Around the State: Ex-Pennridge coach jumps ship to Emmaus, tries to back out of Week 1 return

  1. Sounds like Coach Hollenbach is trying to be a stand up guy in his comments, he supports not making Cuthbert’s first game against his old team.

    On one hand Cuthbert made his decision, he was not forced out of Pennridge so you can say, “he dug his own grave.” On the other hand it sounds like the Admin and AD really weren’t willing to budge on this. I understand travel expenses and giving up a home game but remarks from the article made it sound like…this game is happening and we really don’t care what either party thinks.

    Hopefully it is a great football game, I’m sure it will be even more packed up at Poppy Yoder…

  2. Here is my take on this situation (trying to read it from all sides):

    A new coach has the right to shape the schedule as sees fit for his vision of his new program. So, Cuthbert was well within his right to try to find a new Week 1 game. On the other hand, if you are trying to back out of a game that has a signed contract or are backing out for dubious reasons, you are going to look like a weasel. Cuthbert probably knew he would appear weaselly and asked anyway because he really wanted to play someone else Week 1.

    From the Pennridge perspective, you have to recognize that the HFC and the administration don’t always have the same “end-game” in mind.

    Hollenbach is a smart guy who has won a lot of football games. He is thinking about preparing his team for a whole season, not just one game. His willingness to accommodate Cuthbert shows he care less about playing that one particular game than Cuthbert cares about NOT playing the game. Hollenbach was 2-1 against Cuthbert during Cuthbert’s stint as HFC at CB West. It’s not as if he couldn’t be confident in getting a victory.

    Principal Creeden is thinking that the Emmaus game is one of only four guaranteed home games Pennridge has this year (not counting the Thanksgiving Day game with Quakertown and any potential home playoff games) and doesn’t want to give up the gate receipts/concessions/etc. that comes with a home high school football game. He is well within his right to say no.

    To sum up, Cuthbert looks like a weasel/probably is a weasel (even though he had a right to ask) for asking to drop the game (compounded with the circumstances under which he left Pennridge in the first place). Hollenbach is the innocent bystander in this just trying to get his team ready for 2013 season. Creeden had every right/reason to say that the game is still on (even though he looks a little bit like an inflexible jerk considering his own coach had no problem changing the game). If I were Cuthbert, I wouldn’t want to take a 5-6 team to take on the defending SOL champs in my first game. I probably would have sucked it up and played, his willingness to ask shows some arrogance. If I were Creeden, I would say NO.

    All-in-all, no harm/no foul. After all the drama, the game will go on as scheduled and Pennridge will probably win. By the way, Poppy Yoder is a great place to take in a game and there should be a great atmosphere for this Week 1 game.

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