Signing Season: Vegso committs to Gettysburg

Marple Newtown tight end Joe Vegso has signed his Letter of Intent to play football at Gettysburg College.


Joe Vegso, center, will be doing more tackling at Gettysburg.

Vegso had 21 catches for 330 yards and two touchdowns. According to his stats on, Vegso racked up 63 tackles on defense.

Vegso took home the 2012 Woody Peoples Memorial Scholarship at the MN football banquet last month.

In addition, Vegso has been asked to participate in this year’s Delaware County Hero Bowl, along with teammates Corey Power (Penn), Craig Hamilton and Ed Graham.

4 thoughts on “Signing Season: Vegso committs to Gettysburg

  1. Minor point, Joe probably gave some sort of verbal commitment to the coaches at Gettysburg and maybe signed some paperwork with admissions and/or financial aid, but there are not “Letters of Intent” at the Division III level.

    • “Joe Vegso has signed his Letter of Intent with Division III Gettysburg College.” – actual quote from email I received confirming his admission.

      • It may be semantics on what that person is calling a letter of intent, but there are no true National Letters of Intent (NLI) signed by players at the Division III level. NLIs are what are being signed by those top recruits on National Signing Day in those silly dog and pony shows.

        From the NCAA’s official recruiting/NLI website:
        “No Division III institutions, NAIA schools, preparatory school or two year colleges participate in the NLI program.”

        Here also is a list of schools (from the NCAA) that allow for National Letters of Intent:

        My guess is that whoever emailed you is referring to some other sort of letter that is not a true National Letter of Intent.

  2. I have just went through this…fbfan66 is 100 % correct.

    Once signed, a letter of intent is a binding contract between the student/athlete and the school.The school is now obligated to fulfill an amount of money (scholarship) offered to the student. The student is now obligated to play for that college for one year. The scholarship will get renewed each year accordingly. This is for D1 and D2 schools at least all the ones I dealt with this year. Scholarships can range from $500 to a full ride.

    No D3 schools can give any athletic money whatsoever.They can find interesting ways to get a student some money via grants,student loans, and academic merit scholarships.

    Preferred walk on , means you are a tacking dummy and may make the extended roster If you should grow 4 inches or get your 40 down to 4.5, you may see some money later on.

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