College Commitment List: Updated Feb. 6

With signing day rapidly approaching, I’ll be compiling an ongoing list of Delco players who have committed to college for football. The following list is sorted by school and in alphabetical order.

If I’m missing anyone, please let me know. Send an email to


Sal Bello, QB, Ursinus


Carmen Cervella, OL/DL, Pace University (N.Y.)

Tarron Dunbar, ATH, Shippensburg

Joe DeMaio, WR/DB, West Chester


Adam Strouss, QB, Penn

Jack Florio, OL, Franklin & Marshall

Teddy Ibarguen, LB, Trinity

Matt Rushton, DB, Villanova (preferred walk-on)

Matt McLaughlin, LB, Franklin & Marshall


Matt Donoghue, OL, Villanova

Steve Elf, OLB, Franklin & Marshall

Jordyn Bennett, RB, Slippery Rock

Ryan Corkery, QB, West Chester


Haverford School all-everything Matt Galambos was the first Delco player to commit to a Division I program last year.

Haverford School All-Delco LB Matt Galambos was the first Delco player to commit to a Division I program last year.

Brandon Waller, DL, Richmond*

*Did Not Play in 2012 due to injury


Aron Morgan, K, Penn

Matt Galambos, LB, Pittsburgh

Chris Morgan, WR/DB, Colgate

Sema’j Reed, OL, Temple

*Decommitted from Buffalo on Feb. 4

Stu Denouis, TE/DE, Middleburry (Vt.)


Rashon Fentress, TE, Shippensburg


Corey Power, DL, Penn

Joe Vego, TE/LB, Gettysburg


Mike Staples, OL/DL, Cornell


Shane Dougherty, LB, Kutztown


Mike Dougherty, LB/RB, Stetson

Rob Murphy, RB, Widener

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Matt Smith is an award-winning local sports writer for the Delaware County Times. A Delco native, Matt's covered local, pro and college sports at the Delco Times since 2006. In 2013, he won a Pennsylvania Keystone Press Award for Best Sports Coverage. Follow him on Twitter @DTMattSmith

20 thoughts on “College Commitment List: Updated Feb. 6

  1. It’s nice to see so many well regarded academic colleges that these players chose. Tells me these are true student-athletes.

    If you want to get into a a good college, football can help (for stars like Galambos it guarantees it), but for most you need to keep up good grades with good extracurricular activities and football then might be what gets you in if a college has to choose between you and a kid who does not play sports but is otherwise the same.

    If your grades stink, you are not going to get into these good colleges even with football, but being a good football player could be the difference with good grades.

    While many of these colleges don’t offer athletic scholarships, they offer financial aid based on need, and if they really want you because you are a very good student and will be playing football, you can also expect more financial aid.

    Congrats to these student-athletes.

    • And by the way, Galambos had 4.0+ GPA a rigorous HS and Harvard gave him an offer.

      That must have been a tough choice, but Pitt gave him a full ride while Ivy schools only offer based on need.

      Matt would have torn it up at Harvard on the field. Pitt will be more of a challenge, but they don’t get much more competitive than Galambos.

  2. Nothing against the other players on this list but i am very impressed by the schools Matt Rushton, Matt Donoghue, Aaron Morgan, Corey Power, Adam Strouss, and Mike Staples are all going to. Penn, Villanova, and Cornell football. Congrats

    • Curious as to your criteria?

      1AA/FCS schools with strong academic standards?

      Colgate is also 1AA/FCS with very strong academics a notch below Ivy league. Richmond is 1AA/FCS and similar to VU academically.

      Best program talent wise is Pitt. They are an up and coming top 20 1A/BCS.

      DIII schools like F&M and Trinity are great academic schools that are a notch below Ivy schools for academics,

      The other schools are all goo too.

      I’m just happy to see all these kids work hard in class and on the field and accomplish their goals.

      As a Penn alum I’m happy to see they had a strong overall recruiting class, but I’m not going to let that sway me away from the great accomplishments of all these kids.

      Now if you just happen to like those three schools, well, we are all entitled to our opinions.

  3. By the way, I’m glad to see Matt Rushton get an offer from VU after a HS parent insulted him for being first team all-Inter-Ac over his son on this blog.

    I hope things worked out for that HS kid, and I have posted the HS football team was and is a class act, but the actions of parents and alumni at HS really denigrating EA players, students, alumni and parents in a mass alumni email was absolutely uncalled for – and especially with the values these two schools espouse.

    However, I found this funny. In the above link I said two months ago “Matt is a great tackler… Note how Matt plays all over the field. Not many CB’s can play up on the line and cover out wide in open field like that.”

    A VU blog reporting on recruits just stated the other day “he is an excellent tackler and has the versatility to play up on the line, or split out wide in coverage”.

    Haha. Makes me wonder where they got that from.

    • I added this to the post…. Matt Rushton is going to Villanova as a preferred walk-on.. I should have made that clear sooner. Still, it’s quite an accomplishment.

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  5. i don’t see how the Haverford school turns out these D1 players but never seems to have a team to match the talent that these players apparently have.

    • Colleges look at upside, upbringing, where they grew up, where they played in high school, etc. I’m sure there are a handful of football players at, say, Academy Park that are more “football-talented” than some kid at an Inter-Ac school going to an Ivy program. Obviously, there are a lot of factors at work.

      That said, at least two of Haverford School’s three All-Delco players are legitimate D1 talents.

    • It takes more than a couple D1 players to make a high school team. Penn Charter in the Inter-Ac had several bigtime D1 recruits and were not a strong team.

      HS was also a young team outside of these players, they lost their starting QB and starting RB at the start of the season, and took a while to gel.

      They won 4 straight before their final game with a very good EA team – which they only lost 21-14 – easily EA’s toughest game.

      By the end of the season HS was one of the better teams in Delco. I would have had them 6 or 7 in the Super 7, but Matt left them out.

    • As of October, yes. Talked to him at a Springfield game. He redshirted in 2011 and suffered a season-ended injury in his 2012 freshman year. I believe he still has four years of eligibility remaining.

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