Galambos named to Big 33 roster

Haverford School All-Delco Matt Galambos was recently named to the Pennsylvania Big 33 team.

The game is considered the ultimate showcase for high school football athletes.

Galambos is the first Haverford School player in history to be chosen to play in the game.

Galambos is the only Delaware County player participating in this year’s game. Many NFL’ers and All-Delcos, including Maurice Stovall (Archbishop Carroll), Kevin Jones (O’Hara) and Dan Connor (Strath Haven), have been invited to play in the Big 33.

Galambos has committed to University of Pittsburgh. has Galambos ranked as the 42nd-best recruit in Pennsylvania.

10 thoughts on “Galambos named to Big 33 roster

  1. Matt as a player this kid is someone i respect as a player very much. Kid deserves it the most out of anyone i know hardest worker ive got to see. Good luck at pit Matt

  2. Congrats to Matt.

    He plays like a beast. I mean this in the most complimentary way and he is the only player in Delco I would pay such a compliment.

    I also think he will surprise at Pitt. His 40 kept him from being a 5 star recruit, but I think he makes up for it with instinct and smarts. Can really read offenses.

  3. I saw him against Cardinal Ohara and he was totally manhandled by Ohara’s big DE #56 Trainor. Galambos couldn’t handle him…overrated

    • I understand the Trainor kid from Ohara is a beast. I saw him manhandle Archidicano from Wood during their first home night game. I understand he is tearing up the 220lb class in wrestling also. Listed as 10-4 in pa wrestling

    • I’ve seen Galambos have dominate games against good teams. Handled MP on both sides of the ball. Same with Kennett.

      Had 11 tackles against EA, but EA still ran up the middle and over tackle at will. EA was prepared for him and kept him out of more than a few plays (EA also held him to 3 YPC on 15 carries, but EA had a great D this year).

      His strength is at LB, and he is a better RB than TE, and since I did not see him against Trainor, I can’t say how he did at TE in that game. How was his D against O’Hara? I know HS pretty much held the O’Hara offense in check. I think O’Hara had one offensive score against HS, but pulled off a great comeback after being down 12-0 or something like that in the 4th.

      Matt Alkire is good scout who works with high school and colleges coaches up and down the east coast and I’ll take his word that Galambos is one of those players with a strong upside at LB.

      • Matt looked good on D that day and yes HS did handle the Ohara Off. but on the other hand the Ohara D was just as good. I think Matt met his equal on that day and lost quite a few battles against Trainor. I also understand Trainor is one of the top 225lb wrestlers in the area for Ohara. Both big time Football players

    • 50th ranked MLB in the nation by this service is nothing to sneeze at, though he plays outside just as well.

      No, not a superstar who could knock the socks off at Bama or Florida, but one of the best LB prospects in SE PA this year with solid programs like Syracuse, Pitt and Rutgers after him. I think Pitt is up-and-coming. Will be interesting to see how much time he gets over the next couple of years and if he can break the starting lineup.

      If so, that would be quite an achievement.

      • Hmmm. Now the above linked scouting service has Galambos as the 49th best middle linebacker in the nation and tops in PA at that position.

        He’s been climbing. Was 58.

        If Galambos is overrated as posted above, name a better senior middle linebacker in the area that is D1 caliber.

  4. I heard he’s a beast. Never got to see him play. Wish he played for the AP Knights, which is where he is from. Collingdale I think? That’s awesome for him though.

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