Interboro-Archbishop Wood PIAA Class AAA quarterfinal thread

Discuss the game here.

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Matt Smith is an award-winning local sports writer for the Delaware County Times. A Delco native, Matt's covered local, pro and college sports at the Delco Times since 2006. In 2013, he won a Pennsylvania Keystone Press Award for Best Sports Coverage. Follow him on Twitter @DTMattSmith

9 thoughts on “Interboro-Archbishop Wood PIAA Class AAA quarterfinal thread

  1. Well, seeing as the Bonner QB from the below thread on best performances threw for 337 yards and 5 TD’s on Wood, I’d say throw the football – and INT has shown they can do it well.

    I’d look to mix up some long passes with ball control type passes that keep the clock running and AW’s offense off the field. That will also open up some runs.

    I think INT will be able to move the ball. The key will be sustaining drives. Not getting stalled in or near the red zone and controlling tempo as best as possible. AW will get their points and they can score quickly. INT has to remain focused and have short memories if they give up some big plays.

    INT has matured with mental toughness and execution as the season progressed along with physical play. While Wood is a very physical team, I think mental toughness, extreme focus on individual assignments and sticking to fundamentals will be the keys for INT – and no turnovers.

  2. Andy,
    What team do you cheer for & do you have a son on a team? You are very insightful. You seem to know a lot about football. I can say I’ve learned a few things from you. Thank you!

    • I played for EA and root for them first and foremost, but I just like seeing kids play and try and be fair to all teams/players and be objective. I saw early in the year that this Interboro team had talent in the EA loss, but they were not focused and did not execute well in that game.

      However, I knew they had a good coach and would improve. As I saw the wins lining up I knew that talent was now becoming focused and was executing, so I started to lobby for INT for the Super 7 when they were out of it.

      We can see there is no longer any concern about them not being in the Super 7 and I’m rooting for them as the last Delco team standing, though this game will be a big challenge.

  3. I am extremely proud of Interboro and look forward to following the game someway on the the internet. I feel confident they will have all their ducks in a row, and challenge AW. It’s a tall task, and they need to play flawless to overcome a physical AW team. No matter the outcome I am happy for my alma mater to be representing Delco. Go Bucs!!

  4. As I have said in a different post-this is the World Series or the Super Bowl. Interboro has made it. It would be awesome to win but they are the only team standing from DelCo so no matter what happens they have made Del Co proud. Hopefully with this season, the DelVal league will get a little more respect. It’s too bad that the game isn’t on a more even playing field though. Interboro boys live in 4 communities. Wood boys can live-ANYWHERE. Of course that is not the kids fault, but the bosses of the PIAA for some reason say that’s fair. Maybe they should take a lesson from colleges who have D1, 2, and 3.
    BUC EM UP BOYS!!!!!!!
    Coach Lennox is the man!

  5. Good luck against AW. BUCS YOU HAVE REPRESENTED INTERBORO AND DELCO GREAT,I would also like to know how schools like AW, St. Joe Prep and LaSalle can get boys that live ANYWHERE to play for them. It is a truly unfavorable playing field. I would like to know Matts comment on this subject? No matter if you win or lose WE ARE SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU. GREAT COACHING BY COACH LENNOX AND COACH D. GREAT JOB AND GREAT SEASON! GO BUCS!!!!!!!!

    • Well, let’s just go out tonight and win the game then. Otherwise, this issue will be debated ad infinitum as it has been going on ever since the PCL joined the PIAA.

    • I can understand how this seems unfair, but realize private schools have been accepting kids from “anywhere” forever. Schools like EA have been accepting kids without geographic boundaries for 227 years, so this is nothing new for private schools. EA has been offering scholarships for 227 years as the founders did not want it to just be a rich kid school – and athletics were a non-factor back then. However, even back then you needed the academic ability to get a scholarship, and EA still offer academic scholarships.

      Now, EA and the Inter-Ac have not shown a desire to join the PIAA and EA has never taken students from too far away – and it is a small school with only 500 high school kids that puts academics before athletics. That in itself prohibits heavy recruiting – having very high academic standards and a $30k tuition with only so many scholarships to go around. Now, the PCL schools have $6-8k tuition and are larger so they can offer more scholarships.

      I personally preferred it when the PCL did its own thing with the old North/South divisions and were not part of the PIAA. The PCL playoff games only involved quality teams back them and were really exciting. Now with the PIAA format, you have PCL teams with losing league records playing in the PCL playoffs leading to the PIAA playoffs all the time and the PCL playoffs have become a joke

      For their own reasons, the PCL decided it wanted to join the PIAA and the PIAA accepted.

      I would not take this out on the individual PCL schools or the players. If there is a gripe to be made, make it with the PIAA and the PCL – not the kids and the schools.

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