Vosheski: “They’re going to come out fired up”

Here’s my Q&A with Academy Park coach Jason Vosheski from earlier in the week.

Do you expect Interboro will come out with a sense of urgency this time?

“They haven’t beaten us in however long and they’re not going to let that happen

Academy Park running back Jerry Lanier rushed for 122 yards and a touchdown in the Knights’ 49-26 victory over Interboro two weeks ago.

twice in one year. They’re going to come out fired up. For us, it’s lose and you’re done, and it could be the same thing for them. There’s that extra motivation right there. Win and you keep playing, lose and you’re done. We have to match that intensity.”

The last time you played Interboro, they had a lot of success in the second half throwing the ball. Do you expect they’ll come out and attack with their passing game?

“I think they’re going to go back to what they do best. I think they’re going to ride (fullback Sonny) Armstrong. I think the passing they did in the second half, a lot of that was predicated on the score. If it’s a closer game, I don’t know if the same formations and the same passes occur. Maybe it does, but typically it has not with Interboro. I see them riding  Armstrong as far as they can take them and (establishing) their running game.”

What makes TE Rashon Fentress so difficult to stop?

“He’s big, he’s got good hands, he’s got decent speed and he’s an angry person when he’s running the ball. You can’t tackle the kid high. If you tackle him, you have to wrap him up. That’s one thing we didn’t do. You can’t just run into him and expect him to go down. He doesn’t weight 140 pounds. He’s a big kid. He’s a very good player.”

Are you players mentally prepared to embrace the atmosphere of playing on a big stage — and at home — with a trip to the district championship game on the line?

“I don’t know, to tell you  the truth. It’s always hard beating a team twice in one year.  Obviously, I think that’s working against us. I don’t know if last week’s game (against  Upper Moreland) helped us at all. For whatever reason … not to say we seemed disinterested, but we were down from the week before. Maybe that’s because we played Glen Mils and Interboro back-to-back weeks and we were phyiscally and emotionally exhausted, then we had to play a team that was bigger than us and who was going to power run. Maybe we were a little overwhelmed by the home game. I don’t know. But it did change in the second half. Maybe the light bulb will go on and we’ll realize how good we can be because we can be very good.”

Is everyone healthy?

“Yes. Knock on wood. When we played them four years ago in the playoffs (a 28-0 loss), (All-Delco) Jeremiah Lowery, our right tackle as a sophomore, tears his knee in practice on like Monday. So we went into the game with a senior at right tackle who never played ever other than extra point. We were actually talking about this. He actually did well, but he wasn’t Jeremiah. Not like it would have made a difference in that game.”

26 thoughts on “Vosheski: “They’re going to come out fired up”

  1. Coach Vo was partially right we did ride Sonny Armstrong but what he didn’t count on was Interboro’s sopmore playmaker who had a great game as well and kept us in it. He also knew Interboro was having nothing to do with losing twice to AP, it was just not happening. Now maybe after beating Ap, The Del-Val champs, on their own field the Bucs will be seen as the superior team.

    • Wow, i’m suprised you even came out to witness all the Interboro hype. Didn’t you find it kind of funny how when you weren’t up by 30 something at half that the AP world was going to come crumbling down soon? Interboro boys carry a grudge and don’t take lightly to losing. As far as the int fans all I could hear was them screaming we’re going to the districts, we’re going to the districts. I haven’t seen a post from an int fan yet that said we had no business winning because it was all business. The business of smash mouth football down AP’s throat, and we did that when it counted. Sorry

  2. Big Buc, you need to get a life. You are talking smack on high school football. 2 great teams played tonight, and it was a great game. I would be embarassed if i were your kid (#14). He played a very good game, and is a good ballplayer, and here you are instantly on the blog running your mouth. Get a life, seriously. Oh and he’s a sophomore, idiot. You are a parent, act like it. Oh and one last thing, your kid wouldn’t even get on the field if he played for AP, well maybe JV.

    • I have been on this blog all yaer and on here we don’t trash talk. I have never seen your name in any of the blogs. Calm it down sista, I wasn’t trash talking anyone. You are right 2 good teams played and one played great. Int fans on this blog have already given AP their congrats on the DEL-VAL but thats over now you have to move on.

  3. @Finn you are truly an idiot…what Interboro “fan” would say they had no business winning the game tonight? The Bucs fought hard all night and while they made plenty of mistakes still managed to come out victorious. Here is an idea, take your pompous a*** and go watch AP at basketball, wrestling, indoor track, or weight lifting on Monday afternoon while the BUCS get to continue to play football. You truly know how to ruin an exciting football game with your one liner from South Collingdale.

    • C’mon guys, tone it down. Keep the discussion about the game. Personal jabs aren’t necessary.
      Interboro won a game that both teams tried to lose. That’s probably the best way I can describe it.

      • Matt, what else do you expect from a blog? People run their mouths all year on your blog. Why would these posts be any different? You’re smarter than that.

      • It’s a blog that I moderate and run. It’s not a forum for people to say whatever the hell they want.

        I let some things slide, but I read everything. And if I feel the need to delete, I will and I have.

        This goes for everyone — start acting like adults. Trash-talking is fine as long as it is in the spirit of competition. Name calling, cursing, or anything else derogatory isn’t tolerated. I have rules for posting, and some people are testing my patience.

        There are high school football forums where people can name call, puff their chests out and spew their ridiculous stupidity over the Internet. That’s not here. Sorry. Again, what’s posted on here is a reflection of Daily Times. Generally speaking, we let people post idiotic comments on our website, but I monitor everything on here. Like it or dislike it. It is what it is.

  4. Haha to be serious im folcroft and that’s where urn last 4 quarterbacks came from Ap district…..and to finish off i played college football with a full scholarship any kid from Interboro wouldn’t of licked my cleets

    • If what you say is true, you did not have to tell us it was an athletic scholarship.
      We can tell by the way you express yourself that it wasn’t academic achievement that got you into college. You obviously didn’t graduate; at least I
      trust not, as no self-respecting college I know would put their integrity behind such literary effort.

      Still living in Folcroft? Nothing wrong with that. Let’s face it: Very little difference in most communities along the Delaware River in Delco. Decent people who, despite challenging times, want the best for their kids and take pride in them when they do.
      Congratualtions Academy Park for a very impressive season. Looking forward possibly to a great rivalry, built upon good coaching, great effort and mutual respect.

    • Matt, please let me reply very quickly to Finn. If you have read my posts so far, you will see that I am normally very positive, and this is a quick departure from my normal tone, but Finn’s post right here needs a quick response for his late night commentary. After a quick response to Finn I will go back to my normal level headed football-based observations.

      Finn, come on man. Not to be grammar police, but I don’t even know if the post that I am replying to is in English. And, cleats is spelled “cleats” not “cleets.”

      Finn, I know you are probably jealous because you never beat Interboro (0-3) during your career (you probably spent a bunch of time licking Buc “cleats.” I know you are trying to pump up your football credentials, but Interboro has sent kids to better football schools than East Stroudsburg.

      But, back to the game, Interboro excelled when the chips were down, and it appeared that AP tightened up. Academy Park has been great all year at grabbing quick leads and then running away with superior speed. It didn’t work last night. Neither team “tried to give the game away.” It was close right up until the end and the Bucs took it from the Knights when it mattered most.

  5. Forgive me i was drunk and mad lol….and to your comment I graduated with a 3.1 and now work as a counselor im typing from a phone but that was drunk typing lol…..Good job Interboro

  6. As an AP fan, it kills me to say this, but Interboro good luck this week! Make delco proud. Just wish the interboro fans had class. After the game last night, 3 dads are running their mouths, screaming, yelling to AP players. #12’s dad, Big Buc, and some others. Really guys?? But anyway, for the kids, good luck against WC Henderson. For as much trash as they talk (i can guess where they get that from), they are tough kids. Good luck

    • Big buc you gotta chill. Two things you are doing. One you are putting a target on your sons back and two he must be mortified with they way you rant on this blog. I know some parents from Interboro who have class win or lose and to get on this blog immediately after the game to brag is questionable judgement. i respect AP and the season they had I also root for all Delco teams but you almost make me want to see Interboro lose. Be a classy winner and loser Go Bucs

      • Was just excited for the buc’s that’s all. The initial for being on the blog after the game was too see who won the Pottsgrove / WCH game, and thought while on here I would blog. Perhaps I could have waited but does it really make that much difference. I mean kids and parents from both sides were texting and bumping into one another leaving the stadium. I have played sports all my life and know about winning gracefully. It was just a great football game all the way around. To ease your fears my son is aware of every blog of significance that goes out.

      • I want to start with this. All who know my son will tell you he is a pretty low key quiet kid. When he saw this blog he laughed and said to me don’t even answer this lady but if you do tell her this, ” players like lanier, strouss, crowley and me all have targets on our back, not because of what our parents post but because of the way we play the game, probably a soccer mom, she’s not even sure if she wants us to win. You’re wasting you time on this one, dad.”

      • Let’s not allow history to repeat itself and perhaps you could let me know when exactly it is that I or any other BUC parents can post on the blog after next weeks game. I apparently didn’t get the memo.

    • Hey lady, don’t call me out on the carpet just because I was one of the few parents let onto the field and you probably saw me hugging my kid yelling we’re going to the districts. GET THAT STRAIGHT how dare you say that I said anything to any players. If you keep it up I will demand that a formal apppology be placed in the papers correcting yourself. So calm down! I believe Matt requires info before posting and I will contact him if it keeps up.

      • you’re right. maybe it wasn’t you. I know #12’s dad was involved, and others. Not sure what you look like. Even an AP coach had to tell the dad to calm down outside of the locker rooms as he was chanting “nah nah nah, hey hey good bye” to the AP football players. Your son should revoke your internet privileges!! Good luck tho this week.

      • Appology accepted. You are correct it was not me and I had no contact with any coaches. I’m about enjoying the win not embarrasing any players or person’s. As far as revoked privileges, my son is a very quiet athelete who has had to overachieve to get where he is at and that is what sets him apart. As a parent In all my blogs I praise players as well as my son. I take great comfort in my son knowing who his biggest fan is and that the BUC’s know who their biggest fan is. That to me is what this blog is about. Besides keeping the Buc’s and my son’s name in the social forums just may help some of these kids with their scholarship endeavors. I also had alot of problems with AP parents at the game but let’s just part saying Delco had 2 great teams in the county this year. Thanks

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