All-League Teams: Inter-Ac


Adam Strouss, Episcopal Academy



QB — Adam Strouss, Episcopal Academy

OL — Jack Florio, Episcopal Academy

OL — Mike McGlinchey, Penn Charter

OL — John Minicozzi, Episcopal Academy

OL — Dan Riordan, Malvern Prep

OL — Joe Solomon, Haverford School

RB — Matt Galambos, Haverford School

RB — Eric Neefe, Penn Charter

WR — Bobby Keyes, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy

WR — Chris Morgan, Haverford School

WR — Ian Strain, Episcopal Academy

WR — Daryl Worley, Penn Charter

TE — Evan Butts, Episcopal Academy

ATH — Ian Strain, Episcopal Academy

K — Aron Morgan, Haverford School


DL — Dante Addona, Episcopal Academy

DL — Evan Butts, Episcopal Academy

DL — Mike McGlinchey, Penn Charter

DL — Dan Riordan, Malvern Prep

LB — Matt Galambos, Haverford School

LB — Teddy Ibarguen, Episcopal Academy

LB — Matt McLaughlin, Episcopal Academy

DB — Joe Carlini, Malvern Prep

DB — Chris Morgan, Haverford School

DB — Matt Rushton, Episcopal Academy

DB — Daryl Worley, Penn Charter

P — Brendan Burke, Haverford School

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Matt Smith is an award-winning local sports writer for the Delaware County Times. A Delco native, Matt's covered local, pro and college sports at the Delco Times since 2006. In 2013, he won a Pennsylvania Keystone Press Award for Best Sports Coverage. Follow him on Twitter @DTMattSmith

25 thoughts on “All-League Teams: Inter-Ac

  1. And the second team is:



    L Tim Atkins Haverford School So.

    L Tom Curry Haverford School Sr.

    L Mark Opaliski Penn Charter Sr.

    L Mike Panicelli Malvern Prep Sr.

    L Mike Watkins Episcopal Academy Sr.

    TE Ryan Ammerman Malvern Prep Sr.

    TE Lou Stevens Germantown Academy Sr.

    WR Kyle Donahue Germantown Academy Jr.

    WR Quinn Hager Episcopal Academy Sr.

    QB Hayes Nolte Germantown Academy Sr.

    RB Anthony Feliziani Episcopal Academy Jr.

    RB Troy Gallen Malvern Prep Jr.

    RB Eric Purnell Malvern Prep Sr.

    MP Joe Taylor Germantown Academy Sr.

    PK Quinn Hager Episcopal Academy Sr.


    L Jack Florio Episcopal Academy Sr.

    L Mark Opaliski Penn Charter Sr.

    L Sema’j Reed Haverford School Sr.

    L Joe Solomon Haverford School Sr.

    LB L.J. Barlow Haverford School So.

    LB Paul Dooley Springside Chestnut Hill So.

    LB Rob Gorman Germantown Academy Sr.

    LB Hunter Paulus Malvern Prep Jr.

    DB Bobby Keyes Springside Chestnut Hill Sr.

    DB Hannibal Mathis Haverford School Sr.

    DB Jeff Mikalonis-Lieberman Springside Chestnut Hill Jr.

    DB Matt Robinson Episcopal Academy Sr.

    DB Terrell Smith Episcopal Academy Jr.

    ***Note the two Delco schools in the I-A, EA and HS both had strong representation on the first and second all Inter-Ac teams.

  2. Congrats to all the players who were all Inter-Ac selections.

    In further recognition of the great year EA had, here are the EA players who made 1st or 2nd team all Inter-Ac by position:

    1 QB
    1 RB
    1 TE
    3 of 5 OL
    2 of 3/4 WR – depending on formation
    3 of 4 DL
    2 of 3 LB
    3 of 4 DB

    Not a bad showing for league honors. 8 of 11 offensive players were 1st or 2nd team all-league and 8 of 11 defensive players were 1st or 2nd team all-league.

    And a special mention to Cody Russell who would have been 1st or 2nd team at LB if his season had not ended with injury during the first league game.

      • Seriously … What the hell makes you say that? I mean, do you have inside access to our selection process? Do you KNOW what we are doing right now.

        Get out of here.

      • I don’t doubt Matt and the crew at Delco Times will be fair to all the players in Delco who are deserving – and regardless of league or team.

        At the same time, people can disagree, but I don’t see it as my place to knock the recognition one kid gets over another.

        Arguments can be made that perhaps certain kids should have been included, but I hope it is not done at the expense of players who make all-Delco. Tout a kid you feel may have missed out, but not at the expense of other players.

        Let’s give recognition to those who make all-Delco, and if somebody feels a player should have received more recognition, I have no prob with debating that – but not at the expense of or taking away from other players who made all-Delco or first team over second team or whatever,.

        Let’s be fair to the kids and give recognition and not knock any kids.

      • matt and the guys at delco times have a tough job picking the all delco team. No matter who they pick there will always be deserving players left off. just the nature of the beast. there are alot of outstanding football players in delco that could be named to the team. Just let Matt do his job and if your son or favorite player doesn’t make it move on and be thankfull that they are playing high school football. 99% of these kids are NOT making it to the NFL ( contrary what alot of dads think)and high school football is the pinacle of their football careers so let them enjoy it it is not the end of the world

  3. i refuse to name or knock a kid who coaches used their influence to get them on 1st team inter-ac when clearly their were more deserving players. However, it hurts the credit ability of the selection process when a player who was clearly better is sacrificed. When one player can make 1st team all inter-ac with 2.5 less tackles a game, no interceptions or pass deflections. While Hannibal Mathis can have 57 tackles, 3 int, 7 pass delections and only make 2nd team. His numbers and performance this season was outstanding. in most cases those who received 1st team honors could not compare number wise or if you watched the games or tape you would see how well he performed all season. In the EA vs. Haverford School game he was awesome. He had 2 or 3 pass deflections,6 tackles (4 solo) and gave up no receptions as well as ONE key int. Football is the ultimate team sport, however, his performance on EA day was the primary reason EA went to the ground game where they fared much better and the reason they won the game. He shed his blocks and made tackles while knocking much bigger players to the turf. In MP game leading to EA championship he was not even tested on his side. He is a cornerback who can cover and make tackles. Always on an Island yet never giving up a td air or ground. Tape is available for all to see. I know inter-ac coaches look a tape before games so they know what Im saying is true, especially his coach who see him live and on tape. So their is no excuse or reason Hannibal does not make 1st team. unless their was deals made and he was sacrificial lamb. And since their is no transparency we can only speculate what goes on behind close door. But what we do know is that he was not over looked he was robbed. I apologized to all who read this and form the opinion that im bragging or pumping Hannibal because that is not the case. I’m a very humble person. However, if their is no else willing to tell his story it left to me. and trust me i feel very uncomfortable about doing this. It would be nice if a coach spared me the embarrassmnet , however done has stepped up that i know of. So i am left to tell his story. However, for reporters you must do your homework. i understand that you guys cannot be everywhere and depend to get information fed to you and sometimes key details are missing. Actually I met Mattthew and Matt and you appeared to be two decent guys and easy to talk to.. Sometimes their is a story where you have look a little deeper so you can remain fair and not take the easy way out. Although I know your job is impossible with help from key people.. Your write up on Hannibal on EA vs THS game was 1 sentence but it show your flexibility and I appreciated you guys. At the end of the day soldiers are dying for else to play football so how can I really complain about injustice in football. At the end of the day Hannibal did his job the selection committee was bias in theirs. But nothing can take from his season even if awards are stolen the PEOPLE know the truth .

    • Realize all Inter-Ac is I-A coaches voting based on what they saw in I-A games, so it is certainly not an exact science. The all Inter-Ac team was not done by reporters like Matt as you suggested.

      You also have to be careful with statistics with d-backs. Teams often avoid the best d-backs on a team so their stats are not necessarily that good. That would be the case with Worley out of PC. He was 1st team all I-A last year, coaches knew about him, so they stayed away form him. He is going to WVU on full scholarship and had his choice of top level D1 colleges. I don’t know the stats, but even if his were the worst of the 4 1st team I-A DB’s because teams stayed away form him, I’d still have him first team – and I don’t even know if that is the player you are referring to and I am glad you did not knocking the accomplishments of any players by naming a player.

      You can also argue Mathis benefited form having Morgan in the defensive backfield with him. Morgan was 1st team all I-A last year so teams avoided Morgan, which meant they threw more to Mathis and gave him more of an opportunity to make plays. Again, this is why stats alone are tough to go on when it comes to DB’s.

      I would have no problem with Mathis being first team. The whole HS secondary did a great job against EA. While EA did not bother to pass against a couple of over-matched teams, HS was the only team to contain the pass when EA threw the ball a bit.

      Note that Mathis was recognized on 2nd team. The difference between 1st and 2nd team is often very close and you can make arguments either way.

      You should be proud of the season Hannibal had. I saw him in two full games and the second half of the MP game where played great and he is certainly deserving of recognition, but whether it should be 1st or and team is up to the coaches. I would not argue, based on what I saw on the field, if he were 1st team.

  4. Matt email can sometimes be confusing. I knew you did not vote and did not mean to apply that you did. Also let me make it clear we did not just have a good back field we had an excellent team where our coaches did a quality job, especially with our numerous injuries. And safety Chris Morgan is special safety hands down a 1st team all inter-ac if their is one. He was one our leaders. In the EA game our whole team played well. It is nothing I can say about Matt Galambos that has not already been said. To me he the most humble super star I have ever witness. He just plays football and is not affected by the hype. Cannot imaginge where we would have been this season without him. Love the kid. The best lb in the inter-ac and probably in the state. As far as Hannibal benefited from Chris that is true, However, Hannibal benfited from a good team period,, includiing those special hard working guys up front and agian coaching. But when you argue Hannibal benefited from Chris you must argue that Chris benefited from Hannibal because he did not need to focus much on Hannibal side of the field. Hannibal had it covered on the ground and in the air which freed the special safety to do those special things that he does make plays. Most time Hannibal was by himself in 1 on 1 coverage and won every battle. So it worked both ways . However, i know a little foottball so i don’t need to be reminded of how Great Chris is as Safety or Excellent Matt is as a lb I have had the privilege of watching both guys every week, In fact, a marvel at how well our undersize line played all year. And a shout to our coach who again did a good job dealing with injuries and personnel. His adjustments help us to get to the championship and play well. And Matt I know how stats can be a little misleading but there is a reason why they are used. Believe me they can be used against you as well as, for you depending on what side of the fence you are on. I also mention film. Hannibal played great at CB this year and was clearly 1 of the best in the inter-ac. All inter-ac 1st team plan and simple. This is not a mean spirited response this just a person speaking the truth. Sometimes coaches don’t vote what they see they vote for who they know and love. And when a player falls outside of that realm his on field accomplishment are voided or in this case down graded. If you do a job for a thousand dollars and received 500 are you satisfied, do you say at least I got something? i know 500 is better than nothing but it is not what you earned. Don’t know how Hannibal feels because he never complains he needs to work on that. Matt in closing guys like Chris, Matt, and others always get recognition for things they do. This year in the Lawrenceville game where Hannibal had a key interception their was not one mention of it in your article. Or in the Chestnut Hill game again an interception not mention in your article. I don’t believe his name was mention all year. Even deep reserves got some print. Lawrenceville interception was mentioned in the Jersey paper and the inquire thanks to some friends mention his interception and performance in the Inquire with respect to the Chestnut Hill game. But the Delcotimes covers our team so it would have been nice to have had a sentence. Again when I met you guys you were nicer than I could imagine and your mentioning his name in your last article was appreciated. All anyone ever wants is justice and what they earn nothing more. Where a full article makes someone else happy I will settle for a sentence because performance sometimes have to speak for self. As you know never bothered you guys during the season waited to it was over so I guess you can accept my verbose email. Thanks for engaing me and continue to do what you do. i know it is not easy. Shout out to the Haverford School and the coaching staff for quality season. Happy to be a oart of it. And for the record Worley was not the player i was thinking of . only time i will mention a player name if it is something positive. They are kids with caring parents.

      • I don’t have a problem with anybody touting a kid or program.

        Perhaps the posts by “Truth Seeker” could have been worded things in a more discerning and prudent manner. The screen name does not help either.

        There certainly is no conspiracy here and asking a reporter why a player was not written about is kind of like asking the Super Bowl MVP why he forgot to mention a player who contributed to the team in a post game interview. It happens, but I also understand how parents can get emotional about their kids. However, there are so many kids that could be written about, not all will get a mention.

        Another life lesson for kids. This one off the field. You don’t always get what you want and life is not always fair – no matter how hard you work. As a matter of fact, adult life can often seem very unfair – at least form my experience in dealing with others, whether it be the business world, social situations, the government, you name it.

        If you work hard and don’t accomplish what you want, you just have accept it for what it is, perhaps learn from the experience if there is a true lesson to be learned, understand you did right and were true to yourself while you gave it your best, and don’t let it get you down and move on to bigger and better things.

        I’ve posted here before that if the greatest experience of your life is your accomplishment on the high school (or college) playing fields, then you have not lived a very full life. However, when you are in high school, achieving you goals on the field is tremendously rewarding and just playing is a lot of fun – so enjoy it while you can, and don’t sweat the small stuff.

    • Andy

      The problem is it Is not the kids. The kids for the most part go out and play. They enjoy being a teammate , playing the game at its truest form. They all want to play their best and be the best but I would bet that they care about winning and just playing more than anything else. It is these crazed dads who think they have the next randy moss or Ronnie Lott who ruin it for the kids. So what he made 2nd team instead of 1st he is getting one of the best educations in the country. This is my first season on this blog and I have enjoyed the discussions but what ever happened to being humble? How about instead of talking about what you do on the field let what you do on the field speak for you . These dads worry about being recruited if I was a college recruiter and saw some of these comments I would run the other way. God bless these young men. Go bucs

      • I know its not the kids. I also know they read this blog, so I thought I’d impart some of my life experience while also not being too hard on parents.

        High school kids are often embarrassed enough about their parents in general – and comments about them by their parents on blogs might not help either.

        I agree with you on humility. I often see it much more from the student athletes then some parents. However, I also understand how parents want what is best for their kids and can get emotionsl, so I’ll give a little leeway.

      • Believe me, I’ve dealt with crazed parents many a time throughout the years. Dealing with that kind of thing is part of my job. I will say that most parents are actually very kind and appreciative, but there are a few who only like to complain when their son or daughter isn’t being mentioned. Our thinking is this: we can’t mention every kid in every story that we write. We try our best to “spread the love,” so to speak. And though it’s rare, I have had parents tell me that I am ruining their kid’s scholarship opportunity because I didn’t write about them. If I could post some of the stuff that comes across my email, I would…

        But, again, by and large parents are appreciative of the work we do. We’re not always right. If we misspell a kid’s name, chances are we’ll hear about it from mom or dad. But most of the time the correction is prefaced with something complimentary, such as , “Thanks for all you do, but FYI…” I’m fine with that.

        Also, there are times when a parent will email me just to check in and let me know about their kid. I don’t have an issue with that, either, as long as they are being reasonable about it. For example, there was an O-lineman last year on a losing team. He was very good, but because the team wasn’t very good, we may have overlooked the kid. In hindsight, he probably should have been 2nd team All-Delco.

  5. Matt i am diasappointed with you. This is type of irresponsible journalism I am speaking of . As a parent I ask a reasonable question questions and I become a victim. It unleashed vicious attack dog for which you side with. You allow them to attack my character and sensor my response to themon your. Again all I said was that the Delcotimes cover THS sports teams review and every player who had an interception was recorded in your review of the game. My son had 3 interceptions and 1 was a game closer and not one time was his name or the interception mention in your paper. I said it was mention by other papers but NOT the Delcotimes. Because of that I become a glory seeking crazed parent. Mind you I kept my opinion to myself until the season end. Never said anything about your paper hurting my son scholarship chances. That a flat out LIE.!!! if your going to cover a school sports team be consistent. You record 6 other kids interception and not all the kids. And that is brought to your attention and you and bloggers call the parent a crazed maniac. Thats a very reasonable question why does it bring out the attack dogs which you side with.? Why couldn’t you see the point and not be so sensitive and start labeling people and calling names., as well as, telling lies on the parent? that is avery smalled minded way of dealing with things. Instead of addressing reasonable questions you and other bloggers become attack dogs. I can understand the ignorance of the bloggers but thought more of you. My questions were reasonable and respectful not mean and malicious. Good thing i recently got my shots and was prepared for the attack dogs. Hers to reasonable discourse and respectful questions.

    • You state in response to Matt: “Because of that I become a glory seeking crazed parent… And that is brought to your attention and you and bloggers call the parent a crazed maniac”.

      This thread topic is the all Inter-Ac football team. Your son got recognition on 2nd team. I posted positive things about your son and HS on this thread (such as I would have had no problem with him on 1st team).

      Yet now this is all about your son and how he is not being recognized by Delco Times in newspaper articles while you are now being treated unfairly by bloggers on top of your son being treated unfairly by a local newspaper?


      And, I’m done with this topic because I know you will just want to go on and on – which will take away from the accomplishments of other players.

    • Nobody called you a “crazed parent.” My response was a general reply to the conversation at hand. I’ve had parents do a lot of worse and say a lot worse to get their kid recognition. I had no problem with your original post, and my comment was not in direct response to you or anyone else. Nobody is bringing out the “attack dogs.”

      Let’s move on from this. Thanks.

    • I absolutely get their input. A lot of it, actually. It starts with them listing for me the players they honestly believe are First Team caliber. I also ask that they recommend players from other teams. That goes for every All-Delco team.

  6. Hey Matt, Matthew and Andy, Thanks for the opportunity to have some discourse. This was never about being negative it was just about asking questions. Never meant to slight kids because they dont make decision. And parents can be over the top believing their child is better then what he/she truly is it happens all the time. Recently I met a parent ready to attack his coach after a football game. Although I knew his approach was wrong I did not dismiss his feelings. I let him know his message would be lost because his approach is not acceptable. But I restrained from passing judgement on the legitimacy of his feelings because I havent walked in his shoes. His son may have been treated unfairly or it may been been another parent over pricing the goods. However, their are times as Andy said where things are not fair and you learn and move on. And their are times when people in authority use their positions dishonestly. And when you question them is like questioning the institution they represent.and people are offended. And the person merely asking question is deemed un-american or maniac glory seeking parent when clearly that is not the case. Children are cheated and treated unfairly sometimes in plain site. Instead of acting like a so-called maniac the parent may come to your site to vent. Maybe expressing their self on your blog is therapy and maybe get some brave person in a postion of authority to ask some questions. If nothing else your blog serves as a forum of expression. So you guys must understand the value of your blog on numerous levels I know I do. I know I questionedyou at the season end about my son not being in your paper for his achievements, but and know way was I disrespectful to you guys, Because I dont fault you guys at all. In fact when I brought it to your attention you understood and his name was mention in your next article. So I know on your behalf their was know malicious intent. But you cannot under estimate the mentality of others. IF you saw the HS uniforms this year on the back of them were the words, HONESTY, INTEGRITY and COURAGE. I believe in those words as do most people at the HS school. Trust me it takes COURAGE to respectfully challenge the staus quo. Because some will seek revenge if not against the parent then maybe the child. HONESTY is something you know in your heart is the right thing to do even if they try to label you crazed or a glory seeking parent. And INTEGRITY making sure your right and did your homework before expressing yourself. Living by these words may not always be popular and often times there is a price to pay but somethings you say what is true and needs to be said and deal the consequence without hesitation. In closing I would like to thank all THS fans for the treatment of my son you were wonderful. HE told me after games he could feel your energy and felt your kind words. He spoke of the hugs and kindness from parents and grand parents he didnt know. For those who cheered him on and yelled positive things each and every game HE HERAD YOU!!. For those who wrote email out of the blue you know who you are, you took his game to another level know parent or trainer could EVER!! achieve. YOU are the BEST and most caring fans in the Inter-ac. More importantly you gave the words on the back of the jersey true meaning. For all those who took excellent pictures we will cherish them. Sometimes when life gives you mere lemons you make lemonade. I hope all the wonderful HS supporting fans tasted at least 1 cup of that lemonade. Thanks for making his last football season the best ever.!!!!! And thanks Delcotimes for the opportunity express myself. GO FORDS!! Moving on!

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