Strouss unanimous choice for Inter-Ac POY honors

Episcopal Academy’s Adam Strouss was named the Inter-Ac League’s Player of the Year.

Inter-Ac League defenses couldn’t contain Episcopal Academy dual threat Adam Strouss.

As everyone knows by now, Strouss quarterbacked the Churchmen to a 10-0 record and Inter-Ac League title. He passed for 1,071 yards, with a 53.9 completion percentage (63-for-113). On the ground he rushed for 926 yards (6.7 yards-per-carry). Strouss totaled 35 touchdowns (18 rush, 17 pass).

Strouss accounted for three touchdowns in EA’s title-clinching victory over The Haverford School last Saturday.

The rest of the Inter-Ac League team will be published shortly.

6 thoughts on “Strouss unanimous choice for Inter-Ac POY honors

  1. Congrats to Adam, his O-line and the whole team.

    While Strouss was the main cog in the offense that kept it moving on the ground and in the air, he could not have done it without his teammates.

    Adam is extremely deserving of this accolade, but it says a much about the team as it does about him – and I think he would be the first to admit that.

  2. Let me add that 17 TD passes to only 2 interceptions is nothing to sneeze at.

    The stats would have been much better if EA had not throttled it down with big leads and just handed off to running backs on basic plays and pulled Strouss for much of the second half in blowout games.

    The most yards Strouss had in a game were against MP and HS as HS was close and MP, while not so close, was not a complete blowout. If EA had more closer games, those numbers would have been much better.

    How Strouss stepped up in the big games speaks for itself. 257 yards passing against MP, HS saw the film and made sure to focus on the receivers so Strouss ran for 194 yards against HS.

  3. as the parent of a former green raider, I hope that every kid on my team gets a spot on all delco. That bein said, I just want to point out haverford and episcopal won’t get any respect in the all- delco teams. All the coaches voting aren’t gonna know about some kids from the main line regardless of their season. They all got a bunch of inter ac spots because they won the inter ac!! They didn’t win any DELCO Championship and won’t see half of those numbers they saw in the all interacs. Who knows how many more tds strouss could have scored or how many tackles kids could’ve gotten. I loved watching shane doc clean house this fall at lb for us, but that was cause he got to play four quarters of hard football. Some of eas defense wouldve seen serious numbers in a tougher schedule, but won’t see daylight in the all- delco teams because… they barely played a schedule, not their faults.

    • I want to be clear: There is no voting process for All-Delco.

      Coaches list their best players, we chat, they give me their recommendations on other players from other teams, we might chat some more, and then we (the Daily Times) pick the teams. No voting is involved, and never was.

    • @schmidty

      EA’s schedule was not much weaker than Ridley’s regular season. The CL was not strong this year, and EA dominated its competition by a far greater scoring margin than Ridley. The CL all got knocked out first round of the playoffs except a very good Ridley team.

      I’m not looking to rehash this. Both EA and Ridley are excellent teams where it can be argued either way who is #1 in Delco and both teams have a bunch of players who could be all-Delco.

      I agree if all-Delco voting was done by Delco coaches it would be skewed against the I-A because most coaches in Delco don’t play them, there are only two I-A schools in Delco, and EA has only been in Delco in Newtown Square a few years since their move from Lower Merion. Coaches voting all-Delco would be skewed not by bias, but but lack of familiarity – which I think is a problem a lot of CL and Del Val fans have. They are just not familiar with the Inter-Ac so they don’t know what to make of it. I went to EA but would have gone to a CL school if I went to public school so I understand and played against CL schools. EA and Ridley are similar skilled teams on top of their leagues. Second tier in the leagues would be HS/MP and GV/HHS. Again, similar teams. The leagues are not that different talent-wise. CL just has more teams.

      I think Matt and the crew at Delco Times will be fair with all-Delco, but for me the all Inter-Ac coaches voting has always been were it’s at. When I was at EA that is what counted, though all-Delco is certainly very worthy recognition – and having gotten involved in this blog this year I will have even more respect for it.

      Will also be interesting to see where Delco players end up on the Inky all-SE PA teams.

      However, It is what it is and will be what it will be. I’m not going to get all bent out of shape about it. I’m not going to knock a kid from another school getting recognition over a kid form the school I support. Not fair to the kids and not my place.

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