Lennox: “Sometimes, the Del Val doesn’t get the respect it deserves”

I spoke with Interboro coach Steve Lennox tonight for the preview story I’m working on, which will appear in Friday’s Delco Times.

Lennox wouldn’t give away too much in terms of strategy (I don’t blame him), but he had some complimentary things to say about Academy Park and what it means to have two Del Val teams in a district semifinal.

On facing Academy Park for the second time:

“They’re a very good team, very athletic. Jason (Vosheski) has done a great job with that program. He’s really turned it around over there. They’re a dangerous team.”

What is the key to winning this game?

“That’s hard to answer. I don’t want to give anything away. It’s tough. We know

Interboro coach Steve Lennox is anticipating an intense rematch with Del Val League foe Academy Park. Lennox says an all-Del Val district semifinal bolsters the league’s credibility.

we’re in for a tough game.”

Is it important to match AP’s energy this time around?

“That’s important, yeah. I would hope that we do. Our kids are excited to get going here. Yeah, they know (what’s on the line). They (Academy Park) were jazzed up the last time.”

Is it neat to see two Del  Val teams playing each other in a district semi?

“Oh, it is. It’s a great thing. Sometimes, the Del Val doesn’t get the kind of respect it deserves, you know, from in the area. So, yeah, it’s great to see. It gives the league more credibility and more respect, I think. Absolutely.”

16 thoughts on “Lennox: “Sometimes, the Del Val doesn’t get the respect it deserves”

  1. What a nice response from Lennox. He said exactly what I’ve been saying. The Del Val gets no respect. It’s going to be a great game & good luck to both teams!

    • Are you kidding me that it’s a nice response. How cute! Yo Interboro Parent that was a canned response it was the politically right thing thing to say. What needs to be said is that Interboro has another chance to spank AP badly and they better not blow it. Not too many teams get a second shot. Players must individullay step up their game, no pansies, leaders must lead, playmakers must make big plays and Lennox once again needs to depend on air attack and balance the numbers from Quarter 1 not when it’s too late in the 4th quarter. Also defer the opening kickoff if we can! Special teams stop giving the short field and the secondary just needs to give up 2 less big plays. Everyone must TACKLE, no excuses. We are ready.

      • I’m 100% with big buc he speaks the truth ..that’s actually what needs to happen..no let ups..balance attack and for 48mins

      • I don’t think anything Lennox says is “canned.” He’s just an old-school-minded football coach who chooses his words carefully and prefers not to say anything that would give the other team some sort of advantage. That’s always been his style. Lennox has never been the greatest quote, but I have no problem with it. My phone conversation with him was very cordial.

      • No Matt, I wouldn’t want him to say anything that gave the other team an advantage either. But C’mon that is exactly what any coach, who wanted to be politaclly correct, would say. Pretty standard stuff. You should know me by nowI prefer to shoot straight from the hip, I really don’t like sugar coating. Fact is Interboro got their a%$#* kicked 2 weeks ago the loss was embarrasing many many fans left the stadium around 1/2 time. Tis week however, I personaly seen a major change in the intensity of the practice, a very vocal leadership squad, a group looking forward to bringing down the current Del-Val champs. Amazing what 2 weeks and an angry group of kids can accomplish in preparation for this game.. I hope it’s a better match-up. Thanks Matt

      • Sorry Big Buc to burst your bubble, but that’s exactly how Lennox is!!! He never gives any info out. You sound like you’re on the team. The one thing you are right about, they whole team needs to step up. That was a bad beating they took the last time they played AP, they gave up. AP wanted it more, but I’m sure things will be different. No head hanging this time. They normally do defer the if the win the toss. It’s going to be a good game. I was only praising Lennox, for his response.

  2. If Interboro gets in a throwing game or a back to back touchdown game with AP and no defense….AP will easily run away with this one again

    • Hey Finn,
      Absolutely right. But after watching Bucs D this week they’re pretty pissed and playing angry but disciplined. Anyone who follows the Bucs knows the Bucs coming off a loss is much harder to beat than a Buc;s team that had become complacent. I hope a much better showing for the fans this week.

  3. Big_Buc, I generally enjoy reading your commentary on here because it is normally very positive rooting for your son and his team, but I have a little friendly advice going forward.

    You have, in previous posts, revealed yourself to be the parent of a specific player on the Interboro Bucs football team. Since that is the case, I would recommend you tone down your rhetoric of things like: “no pansies” or telling the coach what he needs to do to win. You are the parent of a player on the Bucs and you read this blog, so I would say it is safe to assume that other Buc parents, players, and maybe even coaches are reading this blog.

    I doubt you want yourself to be seen as the crazed stage parent who thinks he knows football better than the coaches or goes on the internet to criticize your son’s teammates and/or coaches. And, I very much doubt that you want your son to be seen as the kid with the crazy dad who goes on the internet talking about how he knows football better than his coaches and badmouths his teammates.

    Just some truly friendly advice. You don’t have to take it if you don’t want to.

    • Sorry, that’s not how I meant to come off. When I was referencing pansies I kinda meant haning their heads after getting behind. There is not one kid on that Interboro team that doesn’t work their tail off, I meant no disrespect. Interboro boys are definitely known for their toughness. As far as telling he coach how to win I couldn’t do a better job! I was just trying to give my opinion of a gme plan that I think would work. Lastly, I would never insinuate that I know football better than anyone else, I just enjoy the blog and mostly offer support and praise for the Bucs’. Like I’ve said before football is a pssionate sport and therefore has passionate fans, not crazed or crazy. Thanks for giving me a better perspective of how my comment cam off, I really do appreciate it and hope I cleared things up a bit.

      • No problem and I hope you weren’t offended by anything I said. I was just pointing out how someone else could have interpreted your post. Like I said, i normally enjoy your commentary, because it is usually very positive before and after games. I thought that yesterday’s post seemed like a departure from your normal tone.

        I hope there are no hard feelings and good luck to your son and his team tonight.

    • And just what are you saying, schmidty?

      INT lost early in the year to the one of the top teams in SE PA in EA.

      I was at the game and felt INT is a better team than the score indicated.

      One thing that concerns me about INT is that they may not match up well against the spread, which EA and AP run very well.

      I’m hoping for a good game Friday with the winner hopefully taking the D1-3A title for Delco.

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