A look at Spring-Ford

Ridley’s next opponent No.is  7 Spring-Ford, which is making only its second postseason appearance.

Numbers are as of last week…

Points Scored: 371

Points Allowed: 151

Yards Rushing: 2,209

Yards Passing: 1,446

Total Offense: 3,655

Yards Rushing Allowed: 1,412

Yards Passing Allowed: 1,010

Total Yards Allowed: 2,422

Takeaways: Plus-7.

Penalties: 52-482

Leading rushers: Yousef Lundi, 112-886-12 TDs; Tate Carter, 80-625-9; Jarred Jones, 54-550-7 (in three games).

Leading passers: Hank Coyne, 104-188-1,403, 2 INTs, 19 TDs.

Leading receivers: Gary Hopkins, 26-330-5 TDs; Carter, 26-309-3; R.J. Sheldon, 12-210-3; Zameer McDowell, 15-231-4 (last two guys there are tight ends).

Sacks: Sheldon (5.5), Kyle Hoffner (4), McDowell (3.5), Mason Romano (2.5), Ian Hare (2.5).

Interceptions: Ben Schein (3).

Special thanks to Don Seeley of the Pottstown Mercury for sharing this information

13 thoughts on “A look at Spring-Ford

  1. I heard they were big, but In looking at the roster they don’t have a huge line. 3 at 220 and 250 and 265 who start. Their three backs are not big, so I would assume they use speed and quickness. QB Coyne holds the school passing record, so he must be pretty good. Looks like they can mix up run and pass well. They have a big target in a 6-5 TE and the receivers have good numbers.

    They have put up a lot of points, but their D has also given up a bit.

    One loss is 26-0 to Pottsgrove, but they were only down 6-0 at half and 12-0 after the 3rd.

    • Don’t know much about them other than the Stats. They can score for sure.
      Looking at their schedule, if you take out Pottsgrove, the combined record of their opponents is 32-60.
      This isn’t their fault of course and is not a direct reflection of how good Spring-Ford is, fact is good team win the games they are suppose to. Just throwing that stat out there.
      Ridley’s Defense can carry them and keep them in any game in District 1 in my opionon. Their Offense is average but their running game seems to get better every week. The key for Ridley is to keep Spring-Ford out of the end zone. If it becomes a shootout, I don’t think Ridley can keep pace since they do not have the passing attack we have come to expect at Ridley. Keep them from scoring more than 20 points, and Ridley will be playing next week!
      Good Luck to the Ridley!

  2. From the SF/GV game:

    Garnet Valley: Irving 24-186, 2 TDs; Bennett 7-74; Corkery 10-25, TD; Zaza 1-9.
    Spring-Ford: Jones 19-153, TD; Carter 7-54; Lundi 6-40, TD; Coyne 2-(-8); Team 2-(-2).
    Garnet Valley: Corkery 10-21-1, 130; Sipple 0-1-0.
    Spring-Ford: Coyne 11-18-0, 183, 3 TDs; Carter 1-2-0, 18, TD.
    Garnet Valley: Zaza 3-52; Bennett 4-50; Razzano 2-22; Irving 1-6.
    Spring-Ford: Carter 4-97, TD; Sheldon 3-46; Hopkins 2-25, TD; Jones 2-18, TD; Schein 1-9; Haney 1-6, TD.
    Spring-Ford: Shoemaker.
    Garnet Valley: Grzybowski. Spring-Ford: McDowell.

    SF really spread the ball around between receivers and backs, but they also gave up yards.

    The difference in this game was GV turnovers or it would have been a close game.

    Coyne has over 5,000 career passing yards and they can run, so this will be a test for Ridley’s D. I gotta think this is going to be a tight game. Ridley has a great D, but I can’t help but think SF will get some points, though I am sure Ridley will get theirs.

    This looks like it will be a great game. Ridley has the edge in playoff experience and home field. They win this game and it will give them great confidence and momentum.

    • Since 2002 Ridley is 74-1 when scoring 27 points or more in a game. In that same time frame, which consists of 139 games and an overall Ridley record of 114 wins and 25 losses, they have only allowed 28+ points 12 times to teams that include Garnet Valley, Interboro, Penncrest, Neshaminy, North Penn, Lasalle and Parkland.

      It’s very unlikely, historically, that Ridley will score 27+ and lose.

    • SF does not appear to have a good kicking game. Not consistent in field goals and even missed a couple extra points against GV. Keep that in mind in a close game.

      GV rushed for 294 yards against SF, and the running game is Ridley’s strength.

      I give Ridley the edge, but not a definitive edge if SF can mix it up run and pass and get some points. Should be a good game, but if one tam were to win handily, I would expect it to be Ridley.

      Ridley also can’t afford the turnovers they had against DTW, but that was not characteristic of them, so I don’t expect it.

  3. Marty I felt the same way before GV played SF. GV came out strong , moved the ball well on them. SF Is fast and strong, good gb. They mix a lot of different plays in. Pass and run. Hard to tackle. GV made too many mistakes, but. I do not know if this is allowed here ? The officating was horrible! At one point SF coach was in the middle of the field at the 5 yard line arguing a call. No flag? A pass interferance against SF was walked off and spotted first and ten from SF 10. Coach argued and they changed it to 3rd and 15 fromSF 40. I never saw anything like it. Not crying here they won. Ridley will not have to contend with that I hope. I think ridley wins big. As long as they only play against SF. Not the refs too.

  4. GO BIG GREEN!! I think Ridley squeaks by another one, maybe like 28-17 or something ? I know they’re ready though and they’ll show up and fight hard.

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