Inside the Numbers: Springfield at Ridley

Here’s a look at some notable team and individual stats….



PPG Scored: 30.7

PPG Allowed: 19.1

Total Touchdowns: 31

PATs-Attempts: 27-29

NOTEs: Brad Lord has made all but two PATs


Rushes-Yards: 293-1886

YPC: 6.4

Leading Rusher: Cameron Durham, 522 yards on 71 carries, 7 TDs

Passing Yards: 164

Leading Pass Catcher: Rob Murphy, 70 yards on 6 catches, 1 TD


Rushes-Yards: 257-830

YPC: 3.2

Passing Yards: 899

YPC: 5.2

Turnovers: 11



PPG Scored: 30.1

PPG Allowed: 10

Total Touchdowns: 29

PATS-Attempts: 23-28

NOTE: Ridley has attempted only one two-point conversion, and that was back in Week 1. Then again, Ridley has trailed only once by double digits (Garnet Valley game)


Rushes-Yards: 258-1,268

YPC: 5.05

Leading Rusher: Darren Washington, 803 yards on 154 carries, 9 TDs.

Passing Yards: 870

Leading Pass Catcher: Mike Crowley, 410 yards on 21 catches, 5 TDs

NOTES: Colin Wright has started back to back games and appears he is the starter going forward.


Rushes-Yards: 191-661

YPC: 3.3

Passing Yards: 847

YPC: 10.20

Turnovers: 15


22 thoughts on “Inside the Numbers: Springfield at Ridley

  1. This game shouldn’t be much of a contest. Springfield’s Triple Option attack hinges on its ability to create big plays and catch the defense playing undisciplined and ignoring their assignments. Ridley is, this year and traditionally, a stingy defense, a defense that consistently denies the big play aptitude of their opponent and, a credit to Ralph Batty, always on their assignments and extremely disciplined and well coached.

    The problem that Springfield will face is their inability to move the ball on Ridley through the ground game. This is fine if Springfield’s defense could keep Ridley in check, but once they go down two scores, which they will, and time continues to run, which it inevitably will, the Cougars will have to look to the air to try and keep pace. Once Springfield is forced to throw the ball, the game is over.

    Between the two teams’ common opponents you can see a huge difference in defensive performance. Both teams have faced Garnet Valley, Harriton, and Lower Merion. In all, between those three games, Springfield has allowed 59 points (7 to LM, 27 to Harriton, 25 to GV). Ridley, on the other hand, has allowed a total of 17 points to the same three opponents (0 to LM, 0 to Harriton, 17 to GV). Yes, different teams match-up against one another in a variety of ways, but, as you can see from Springfield’s results, in particular Harriton, GV, and Upper Darby, the Cougars are built to outscore opponents, not defeat them with sound defensive play. This fact will be their downfall. Springfield cannot win in a shootout scenario against Ridley; they will not be able to put up points at will on this Ridley defense.

    Ridley 27, Springfield 7

    • Mr. Madison,
      What you have just said, is the most insanely idiotic thing I have ever heard. At no point, in your rambling incoherent response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it. I award you no points and may God have mercy on your soul.

  2. Ridley scored more points in it’s last meeting against Springfield in 2010, a 32-0 win, than Springfield has scored against Ridley in their LAST 10 meetings combined.

  3. Friday, Sept. 7: Springfield 33, Harriton 27, OT
    Friday, Sept. 28: Ridley 35, Harriton 0
    ^^^^^ please explain that I hope it was just a bad night for S-Field or there were injuries??? I am a football fan n I do know that it is any givin Friday, Saturday,or Sunday but we are talking about high school. Just something that I thought I would point out.

  4. If Springfield has a shot — and I think they do — they cannot rely solely on the running game. I’m not sure how healthy Durham is, but they’ll have to open up the passing game and make DBs Crowley and Smoluk work. Forget about working over the middle of the field, whether it’s up the gut or in the air. No defense is better than Ridley’s controlling that portion of the field.

    Matt Sinex should be back in the trenches, an obvious plus for Ridley. I know he had been dealing with a hamstring and missed last week’s game.

    • yes matt , big matt will play ,he coulda played last week but was held out as a precaution and what a difference a kid that big and talented will make on both lines

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  6. Ridley 27 Springfield 0. I just think this triple option attack will be stuffed as it relies on a ton of misdirection and big plays which Ridley will not allow. Stacking the box and making Springfield throw on them should be an interesting matchup. Don’t think it’ll be much of a contest.

    • Big_Buc wishes Ridley the best of luck, not that I believe they will need it though. Go Green it really would be nice to see another team besides Interboro beat the Cougars. For all the naysayers out there I’m proof that Interboro Bucs fans can support teams other than their own!!!! FYI Ridley, take advantage of a very mediocre secondary and you’ll be able to score at will. Have Fun green

  7. Just thought I would say something about Springfields turnaround as it relates to Ridley. The 2010 campaign was the turnaround year for Springfield going 8 – 4 including a 1 – 1 playoff record. Their record over the 5 previous seasons was a dismal 14 – 40. In 2010, after a disappointing 32 – 0 trouncing by Ridley, the Cougars reeled off 5 straight victories, averaging a 49.4 points per game. The biggest win during that streak was a 54 – 39 road win over an good Conestoga team, who, by the way, lost to Ridley that year 28 – 14. The Cougars record is 22 – 8 in the last three years including this season. The only two teams in the CL the Cougars have not yet beaten during their rebirth are Strath Haven and Ridley. It’s good for the CL that there is another power in town. We are very proud of the boys and the coaches. Ridley is a great team and will not take Springfield lightly. Springfield will have to be at their very best, of course. If they do, it could be a game in the 4th quarter.

    • I support Springfield’s rebirth in football the last few years, but looking at this game objectively, if Springfield is forced to throw the ball it’s going to be a blowout in Ridley’s favor.

      Remember, as another comment pointed out, Ridley is 43-4-3 against the Cougars all-time, and beat them 32-0 during an 8-4 and playoff season for Springfield. They (Ridley) won’t just win tonight, they will trounce Springfield. Their triple option offense is effective only against undisciplined defenses and they depend too much on outscoring opponents and big plays.

      • Yes I know all those stats. Springfield wont throw the ball. They are a running team. They have, I’m guessing 10 or more runs over 50 yards this year. Will they have many long runs against Ridley? Less likely against the best D in the CL. Very sportsmanlike of you people to say your big words of trouncing and so forth. It’s HS football, not the WWE. I am looking at the game objectively. If you trounce us, good for you, more power to you.

      • In their last 73 games Ridley has allowed 30+ points in only 3. 2 of those occasions were the 4A Eastern State Title game. You really think Springfield is going to be the next? Not likely.

      • My bad. I was wrong. Ridleys allowed 30+ points in 3 of their last 98 games, 2 being to Lasalle and Parkland in the Easyern State Title.

        If Springfield scores 30 points I’ll chain myself to a Phil Marion upright until they fire Batty because that would be atrocious and embarrassing.

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