Ridley hoping to avoid another late-season plunge

In 2010, Ridley went undefeated in the regular season.

However, there were, according to players, team chemistry issues.

“My sophomore year, it kind of fell apart,” All-Delco linebacker and team captain Shane Dougherty. “That senior core, that was the most talented senior core I’ve ever played with, but they just weren’t a team.”

I remember covering Ridley’s final regular season game that year with Upper Darby. The Green Raiders barely escaped Phil Marion Field with their perfect record intact.

Ridley, the top seed in the District One Class AAAA tournament, lost to No. 16 West Chester Henderson in stunning fashion. To cap off a humiliating ending to what should have been an amazing and memorable season, the Raiders dropped a controversial 6-0 decision to Interboro on Thanksgiving.(Controversial in the sense the Ridley receiver may or may not have ever made it across the goal line for the game-tying score).

Last year, Ridley clearly was the second-best Central League team, at best. Garnet Valley defeated the Green Raiders, both in the regular season and opening round of districts, with relative ease.

“Last year, I don’t think we had it,” Dougherty said.

So, lessons learned for 2012?

“We came so close our sophomore year, but after seeing the team fall apart, we don’t want to be like that,” Dougherty said. “I think all of us, especially us seniors, know what it takes now.”

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Matt Smith is an award-winning local sports writer for the Delaware County Times. A Delco native, Matt's covered local, pro and college sports at the Delco Times since 2006. In 2013, he won a Pennsylvania Keystone Press Award for Best Sports Coverage. Follow him on Twitter @DTMattSmith

8 thoughts on “Ridley hoping to avoid another late-season plunge

  1. Interboro won that game 6-0, not 7-6. Interboro’s touchdown was on a run, not a pass, and was entirely non-controversial. The controversy you may be referring to was that on Ridley’s last drive they passed the ball into the endzone near the sidleline for what could have been the tying score, but the Ridley player did not come down with the ball in bounds. Some Ridley fans argued that the player caught the ball in the endzone, but he did not.

    • Well, that’s what I get for blogging while standing in line 15 minutes, waiting for lunch meat. Thanks for clearing that up.

    • oh contrare.. my nephew runs with blundin (the ridley qb at that time) and i personally saw the screenshot on his phone of the ground disturbance and where it was in relation to the line and after further review..it was indeed a td as the torn sod indicated but to no avail as the zebras wouldnt even look at the mark oh well well getum next time

      • I don’t know how much faith you should have in that “screenshot.” There was no “torn sod” or “ground disturbance” considering the game was played at Phil Marion field on turf, not grass.

        The play in question happened in the endzone along the visitor’s sideline and I could see from where I was sitting, I could see clear as day, that, though the receiver may have dragged his feet in bounds, he did not corral full possession of the ball until he was out of bounds. I have seen it on video since, and he catches it out of bounds every time I watch it.

  2. i just talked to blundin and the photo shows the black cleat mark starting inbounds and went to the white line and the w hite line was then disturbed and at last check the lines are paint and very disturbable and luckily their were no other plays or marks in that spot till then .. the catch was made in bounds.. we are trying to get ahold of norm now as he has the pic since it was his catch. when i get it ill post it for the nay sayers really its water under the bridge i just happen to know the kids who threw and caught it and chimed in

    • Hey man, just trying to have a little fun, no big deal, not trying to argue. Would love to see the picture. I just don’t think you would be able to tell anything from it. If you could see video, I think you would see that he doesn’t pull it all the way in until he is out of bounds.

      Minor point, as well, those lines are not painted on like you said. The white lines are actually part of the turf. So I don’t think they are “disturbable.”

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