Super 7 Week 7

Garnet Valley falls to No. 6, behind O’Hara and Haverford. I was tempted to put Interboro ahead of Garnet, but thought otherwise.

You can make a case that Haverford should be ahead of O’Hara, but I gave O’Hara the nod based on its strength of schedule. In my mind O’Hara is the superior defensive team, but on offense, it’s pretty much a wash.

Springfield should be ranked ahead of Interboro because Springfield beat Garnet Valley. Interboro would get the same treatment if it had beaten  the longtime Super 7 No. 1.

Interboro is blocked from moving up right now. That’s probably the best way to describe it.

1. Ridley (6-0)

2. Episcopal Academy (5-0)

3. Springfield (5-1)

4. Cardinal O’Hara (4-2)

5. Haverford High (5-1)

6. Garnet Valley (4-2)

7. Interboro (5-1)

Under Consideration: Academy Park

34 thoughts on “Super 7 Week 7

  1. You are aware that Interboro was victorious over Springfield in week one of the season? Maybe I’m missing something?

    • And you are aware that Interboro lost to the No. 2 team by 41 points, whule Springfield beat Garnet Valley, the longtime Super 7 No. 1?
      What happened seven weeks ago has no bearing on this week’s rankings.
      I couldn’t justify moving Interboro up. Not yet, anyhow.

      • Yes, I am aware of that score. Not sure how big a win over GV is or whether GV was overrated. Guess we will get an idea when they play Haverford. Not sure of your reasoning that what happened in week 1 { seven weeks ago } should have no bearing in the rankings – doesn’t make much sense. Does this mean in week 11, that whatever happened in the first 4 weeks of the season has no bearing?

      • Tom, that wasn’t in reply to one of your comments.

        You can easily make a case that Interboro is better than Springfield. Heck, there’s proof of it. But I don’t think it would be fair on Springfield to hold that loss against them at this point in the year. I hope we get a rematch in districts.

      • Wouldn’t that be awesome! I would settle for a Ridley-Interboro thanksgiving game.

        Matt, will there be team offensive/defensive stats posted for comparison?

        Thanks for the great work.

      • Tom,

        Team stats are coming. The reason for the hold up is we haven’t covered every game this year, and not every team keeps track of opposing team’s stats and such. So, right now that stuff is kind of incomplete, but I will go ahead and publish what I have in my records. Look for them tomorrow.

  2. I like these rankings. Glad to see O’Hara getting its due. I posted a ways back they are a pretty good team. They are coming off two 50+ point games against weak opponents and played Wood and LaSalle as well as anyone else except the Prep which took a while to put away Wood in a game that was closer than the score showed if Wood had not left 10 off the board in the 1st on a goal line fumble and missed field goal. The Roman game this weekend will tell us where O’Hara really stands.

    Outside of Delco the Prep/LaSalle game this weekend decides the best in the area for now – if not the state.

  3. Don’t understand how O’Hara jumps over Haverford. If O’Hara beats both Roman and Bonner, than fine – bump them up. But, as of now, they haven’t beat anybody and Haverfod School gave the game away. Interboro is still behind 2 teams with 2 losses and a team they beat???

    • Yeah, I like the Bucs and have posted before they are better than the 41-0 EA loss indicated. If you call that an off game, and given EA is ranked #2, you can certainly argue Interboro should be ranked at #5 since they beat #3 Springfield.

      Still, I see the Central as the strongest league in Delco, and Matt has pointed that out before in his rankings so he is being consistent on strength of schedule, though I understand your argument and agree the Bucs are pretty good and could be ranked higher without disagreement from me.

      I personally would have O’Hara #3 and Springfield #4, but you can also argue against that. These rankings by Matt agree with me more so than previous ones, but it is really all just his opinion. Others can certainly disagree.

      • Blog is what it was intended for – fun with high school football! The top 7 will all play out w/ Ridley-Springfield; Haverford-GV; O’Hara-Roman/Bonner; EA-Penn Charter/Malvern; games to be played. My guess is that Interboro will get by AP and will finish with EA as the only loss.

        I miss the team offensive & defensive stats!

    • Tom, they beat Archbishop Ryan a team that would take down a lot of Central league teams and Interboro. Many of the guys on papreps agree that O’Hara is better than all of the CL teams minus Ridley. Ranking is pretty spot on and that’s from an O’Hara fans point of view.

      • I am also an O’Hara fan and if and when they beat Roman this week and take care of Bonner next week – I will agree, but until then…..Ryan hasn’t beat anyone of quality and lost all 3 games against quality opponents: O’Hara, Roman and LaSalle. As I have said, the rankings will all play out as the season goes on and this banter is just for fun.

  4. Real solid Super 7 Matt. Nothing that I really have an issue with. If O’Hara beats Roman is it possible they jump to 2 with an EA loss? Still not sold on HHS.

    • Their is a better chance of Mike Vick having zero turnovers this weekend then their is for EA to lose to PC. PC has three solid athletes and nothing else. EA with another running clock on Friday night.

      • We’ll see. Both teams have had two weeks to prepare for this game as they did not pay last week.

        EA will be extremely well scouted (as will PC).

        EA should win. PC has quite a good running game and their goal will be to keep the EA offense of the field with long drives of their own.

        If PC can move the ball on the ground EA probably won’t blow them out.

        It’s the Inter-Ac where every league game is a do-or-die battle where the play and preparation is a whole other level than non-league given how small the league is and no playoffs. PC is not terrible like CHA, so I’m not counting on a blowout, though it could happen.

        Either PC comes to play and makes it a game or they get rattled and EA runs up the points. I don’t see PC winning, though.

      • Andy could you jump any more from one scenario to another. Unless PC picked up 8 D-1 recruits on either side of the ball then EA wins this handily. Have you seen PC live? Do they have any significant victories? Is their tailback really all he is cracked up to be against a sound defense?

        Come on man, I’m not even an EA fan but I’ve seen both teams play and this one will be a snoozer. EA has too many athletes and are coached to play disciplined football.

      • I’ve actually seen video of the PC RB vs. Interboro. He’s got a nice burst, but EA’s front seven should eat him up.
        The only thing to worry about here is the bye week. Granted, both teams had byes, but EA could come out of the gates rusty.

      • If you are 5-0 and have a whole county doubting your record and your worth…I’m thinking you took the past 13 days of preparation serious. I’m sure the EA staff mixed in game preparation while keeping things loose with some competitive inter-squad situations. Neefe stats against the BUCS did look solid…that I agree with, however; PC turns the ball over and does not have much besides the individual efforts McGlinchey, Worley, and Neefe.

        EA wins this won handily and runs straight through the Inter-Ac this year.

      • I don’t disagree with what you are saying, 0CAT. I said they could blow them out.

        Having played in Inter-Ac football games on an EA team that was better than this one, I know how competitive the I-A can be even when their is a talent disparity.

        Same talent opponent within the league is much tougher than same talent outside the league. Yeah, it works that way in most leagues, but as I posted, the I-A takes it another level as each game is in essence a playoff/win or lose the league game with only 5 teams.

        I have also not seen PC play and what you say certainly makes me feel better.

        I won’t complain about a blowout win in regards to the naysayers, but a closer game since it is the I-A would not surprise me.

        I saw the Malvern/Roman game so MP does concern me. I said EA would beat PC. I just never expect blowouts in the I-A except against really weak teams like CHA, but perhaps PC is that weak this year.

        Malvern is the test.

    • I don’t foresee EA losing, but if they do, it will cause a trickle-down effect in the Super 7.
      Roman is a solid PCL 4A team (definitely not a Prep or LaSalle, though) that I believe will nip O’Hara this week.
      If O’Hara wins, I’ll likely move them ahead of Springfield. Yeah, and should EA lose and O’Hara wins, O’Hara likely would move to No.2.
      Both Ryan and O’Hara had low-scoring wins over Ryan. Should be a close one.

  5. I’m a Gv fan and everything but interboro should be ahead of Springfield , who decided Gv was even the top team you cannot go by how good they were last year, that’s the only reason they were so hyped up. Interboro wiped the floor with Gv when they scrimmaged them, but also interboro beat Springfield I think that because of last season is the reason Gv is even in the super 7 cause they clearly showed that this years team is not worthy of it.

    • Call it hype, but every publication/website had Garnet Valley as the best team in this county going into the year. And for four weeks, they probably were.

      • I’m not taking anything away from GV they are a great football team but from the beginning it didn’t look like they were going to be that great this year especially with corkery not 100% he might be one of the greatest qb’s in the county but without him 100% they were going to struggle a little bit coming into the season, and there defense is unbelievble which is keeping them in alot of there games

  6. yeah matt the pubs/picks were kinda off this year huh they had gv practically going to hershey and ridley struggling with the new qb ,they also didnt give any love to a ea team that ends up being pretty good and who wouldve guessed north penns struggles it shows u that anything can happen thats what makes this game great

  7. @Matt Smith, you might of bought into the hype a little too much as others did, but You people act like GV is done for the year. If the playoffs started today, they would be either a 14/15/16 seed. This team had a 17-7 lead on Ridley in the 4th before they turned the ball over TWICE and a questionable Pass Interference Call. Obviously Ridley is the best team in District 1 as of now, but to call GV out is ridiculous

    Here’s there schedule the rest of the way:

    @ Marple Newtown (2-4)
    Radnor (0-6)
    @ Penncrest (2-4)
    Haverford (5-1)

    I could easily see them breezing through that to make them 8-2 and get into the playoffs traveling on the road their 1st game.

    • I’ve made no such claims that GV is “out.” I’m not writing them off by any means.

      I don’t think they’ll breeze past Haverford. Fords have playmakers that could give GV the fits.

    • gv tripped up and lost to spr and ridley how r u so sure they will beat hav? i dont think they will ..theres blood in the water and the sharks are smellin it

    • Sorry. That did not properly post as I had it marked to start at 20:40 as a link, but it automatically embedded it from the start.

      Meant for it to start at 20:40. Forward to that point and ignore the rest.

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