Key moments and storylines from Ridley-Garnet Valley

Turning Point

Down 17-7, a questionable pass interference call on third down put the Green Raiders in fantastic  position in the waning moments of the third quarter. Ridley capitalized as Rich Coia’s TD run got them back in the game.

Star of the Game

Shane Dougherty is involved in everything. I mean, every-thing. He’s a stellar run-stopping middle linebacker — and for my money, the best pure MLB in the county.

Ridley’s Shane Dougherty

Dougherty got beat a few times on the outside — that’s where the Jags were having their most success running ball — but any play that was run up the middle, forget about it. Dougherty also excelled in pass coverage (one pass deflection), Just a phenomenal defensive player.

“Nobody has had success running up the middle against us,” Dennis Decker said.

That’s the truth.

What could have been different…

While Ryan Corkery was pressured often, he missed his open man on several occasions. Corkey is 20-for-45 with with an interception pair of fumbles the last

Garnet Valley’s Ryan Corkery

two weeks (consequently, two straight defeats). Had he been just a little more fine with his passing, the Jags could have had some extra points. You never know.

I scratched my head when…

Leading 17-13, the Jags took over at their 1-yard line following a punt (and the return was botched). Backed up in their own end zone, the Jags called three pass plays out of the pistol (I don’t think it was far back enough to be a shotgun…memory is fuzzy on this one). They got nowhere, and a wobbly punt set the Green Raiders up at about the 25-yard line.

Kudos to…

Both defensive units came to play, particularly against the run. Top RBs Darren Washington (Ridley) and Jake Irving (Garnet) were limited to well under 100 yards rushing. Good stuff from Andrew Grzybowski (Garnet) and Steve Plousis (Ridley).

8 thoughts on “Key moments and storylines from Ridley-Garnet Valley

  1. Matt I agree Dougherty is the best in central league. Ridley has a few really good players. The interference call was unbeleveabile . One ref signaled inclempleate and the other about 10yards away threw the flag. two evenly matched teams.GV made too many mistakes. Just to get the facts straight . Corkery was 20 for 45 with at least 10 dropped passes for 207 yds 3 tds and 1 int. Plus 44 rushes for 212 yds and 2 tds and 1 fumble against two of the best defenses in the county.I guess he could of done more? I suppose.

    • Yep, he missed some open receivers high.

      Don’t know if he just had an off game as I had not seen him before, but he ran better than he passed, but that fumble on a long run in the 4th really put the nail in the coffin.

  2. Thats just the game of football period!!!!!!! I would agree to both teams being evenly matched but clearly Ridley had some break downs and some dropped passes, and mental mistakes also. Not to mention that Ridley was playing with their back up jr QB. I think I saw at least 21 points left on the field but u cant talk about shoulda coulda woulda fact of the matter is Ridley was down by 10 the start of the 4th quater to a offensive juggernut in G.V n not to mention their D is not bad at all with the back up QB leading them to a 10 poit victory I think that speaks on the depth and the talent thats on this years Ridley team. In all honesty I would not want to play G.V again this year thats the amount of respect I have for that team.

  3. well ridley i dont think played near as well as they can, as weve seen them we are all unsure why the qb change but hild is better and wouldve changed that game. a couple points,,, gv did great stopping our weapon called m crowley we usually hit on that flanker endaround at least once a game and they were ready for it ,also they slowed washington down alot yeah he had the tds but usually runs amok now to the “dropped passes for gv” they really werent dropped passes as much as kids just gettin stuck as they were catching it dislodging the ball (i counted 4) to the point were it seemed from our side, some of them seemed almost afraid to catch it . the officiating in this game was horrible , bennett was facemasking on every run …….never called people are saying that ridleys pi penalty was controversial are you kiddin those kids were dragging crowley down everytime he was targeted deep and only got called for the one where it appeared from our sideline that he again had tackled michael this time in the end zone in front of the ref , did anyone see the one they called FOR gv when there was no ridley kid within 5 yards and they threw the flag they werent complaining then . the spots in this football game were absolutely horrible and even with the no huddle it seemed gv had no apparent play clock or were timed before starting plays it seemed the refs were like waiting patiently for them to start the play at their leisure never saw anything like it .. another point their was alot of talk about gvs BOARDS going in and i purposely watched and can tell u with no uncertainty that ridleys coaching staff was not lookin at them and couldve cared less about them, they coulda said GO RIDLEY for all they cared ,non factor i thought that ridley fought back hard to come back and to me thats a great sign a sign of a good solid well coached team that hopefully goes far as usual GOBIGGREEN

    • Well, for now they are under consideration. If Interboro loses to Chichester (which I don’t forsee), and AP takes care of business against Chester, I’ll move them to the No. 7 spot. For now — and it’s been like this for years — AP has to prove it can beat Interboro. Last year, I started putting AP ahead of Interboro in the rankings because it was clear to me they were playing better football. In the end I believe they had more talent than Interboro across the board.

      This year, I’m not convinced they are better than Interboro unless, as I said, they can beat Interboro.

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