Super 7: Week 6

Ridley edges Episcopal Academy and will solidify its No. 1 spot with a win at Garnet Valley.

Ridley/EA is pretty much a toss-up.  I like Ridley a tad more only because they are clearly top dog in the Central League, which is the toughest league in the county, whether people want to admit it or not.

Springfield makes the biggest leap, going from unranked to No. 3 ahead of No. 4 Garnet. The No. 3 spot was the toughest of all. In the end I felt that Springfield’s accomplishment, taking down the top team, warranted a serious push this week.

Now, if Garnet beats Ridley Friday, it gets even messier next week.

Haverford High, Cardinal O’Hara and Interboro… you can probably juggle those three and place them anywhere you want in Nos. 5-7.

In conversation: Academy Park, Haverford School, Sun Valley.

1. Ridley (5-0)

2. Episcopal Academy (5-0)

3. Springfield (4-1)

4. Garnet Valley (4-1)

5. Haverford High (4-1)

6. Cardinal O’Hara (3-2)

7. Interboro (4-1)

46 thoughts on “Super 7: Week 6

  1. Like I posted before, I have no prob with Ridley being #1.

    My question is: why does Ridley leap-frog EA when both had similar blow-out wins against similar opponents last week?

    Did you decide you were wrong about how you previously ranked Ridley, or what exactly happened in the past week to change the ranking?

    I agree Ridley should beat a GV team that just lost to Springfield.

    If they don’t, this flip-flop looks bad, but it’s the safe bet.

    • All told, Ridley has done it against slightly better competition and shut out a pretty good offensive team in Harriton.
      I think, for this week, those two reasons played a big part in my decision to flip-flop those two and move Ridley up to the No. 1. Not at an indictment on EA.
      If Ridley loses to GV, I’ll probably look stupid… but those are the risks I’ll take.

      • Actually it’s not a risk.

        If you kept EA #1 and Ridley beats GV – and especially beats them handily, you would look bad and get a lot of grief for having EA #1.

        Like I said, it’s the safe bet as Ridley should beat GV.

        No love for the I-A this week, though, as HS drops out.

        If only the top teams in the I-A and Central would schedule each other, we could get a better feel.

        My take is neither league wants losses outside of the league so they don’t take the chance – and the fans lose on that one.

      • Matt, What happens if Ridley plays close with GV and EA beats Penn Charter say 28- 10.

    • similar opponents ? really? nothing against chi -the kids are great and work hard they just arent there yet but similar to harriton not really chi won i think once in the last 10 years or so thats probably why they are on Ea”s cupcake schedule harriton was 3-1 when they played ridley. what was chi ? matt flipflopped and made ridley 1 because they are undefeated and beat some decent real teams along the way plain and simple go matt!!

      • Keep in mind Harriton beat Chi 42-14, then lost to Ridley 35-0. I think Matt’s logic makes a lot of sense here. Harriton and EA have a common opponent, both man-handled said opposition then, in turn, Ridley dismantled Harriton.

        Obviously we don’t agree or see eye to eye on all, maybe most, fronts, but logically his conclusion is sound and difficult to refute.

      • Keep in mind Harriton beat Chi 42-14, then lost to Ridley 35-0. I think Matt’s logic makes a lot of sense here. Harriton and EA have a common opponent, both man-handled said opposition then, in turn, Ridley dismantled Harriton.

        Obviously we don’t agree or see eye to eye on all, maybe most, fronts, but logically his conclusion is sound and difficult to refute.

      • Then he should have had Ridley ahead of EA sooner.

        Like I posted, I have no prob with Ridley being #1.

        I absolutely disagree with another poster that Ridley beats EA 10 out of 10 times. I have seen EA play. I’ll be curious to see how I feel EA and Ridley stack-up when I see Ridley play Friday.

        I have not complained before and I will not complain in the future about Matt’s rankings because there are so may variable that can’t be quantified and it is ultimately opinion – and I have admitted I am an EA fan as an alum. Even as an EA alum I try and look at this fairly as it is just kids competing and having fun – and learning life lessons win or lose

      • Oh, and HateBBQ, you stated in the last thread:

        “If Ridley ends up #1 this week it is only because you [Matt] want to stir up more debate and discussion.”

        Now you state regarding Ridley at #1 that “logically his conclusion is sound and difficult to refute.”

        Happy now?

      • Happy? No, I’d rather Ridley be a complete sleeper and off the radar. Taking Matt’s response to my comment as his truthful and honest opinion/intention? Yes. Hence why I am looking at his rankings from a logical, rather than biased, viewpoint.

      • Ah, but HateBBQ, you are not brow-beating Matt now that Ridley is #1. You are praising him.

        That’s what I meant by “happy now?”.

      • I call ’em as I see ’em. As I see it right now, taking into account his past post in response to what you call “brow-beating”, with me believing his response, why disagree for the sake of disagreeing when logic tells me otherwise? The original question I wanted to ask Matt, which was lost in the other content, was why bump Ridley up if he believes EA is as good as Ridley, with just more size and athleticism at the skill positions. In his response today, I thought his explanation of bumping Ridley was quite logical.

        But, as I said, I won’t be happy until I see Ridley in Hershey, which may very well be never unfortunately.

      • Fair enough.

        I’d be happy to see a local team in Hershey, Ridley plays no role in EA’s season, so I hope Ridley goes far.

        Realize I have no desire to root against Ridley just so EA can be ranked #1 in Super 7.

        I think it would be great for the kids on both teams if they both went undefeated.

      • And, to clarify one more time, I’m not saying Ridley is ranked too high or should be higher, nor am I saying EA shouldn’t be ranked or should, I really don’t care, I just thought since we were discussing this topic another perspective may be nice.

      • I’m not surprised. The Inky guys probably have not seen either team play (though one will probably be at the GV game) and don’t know them well.

        They see EA as a small school not being good the last few years and they see Ridley as a traditionally strong team. They probably don’t read this blog and have not seen the arguments made here.

        I’d say the views posted here by people who have seen them both play (inclusive of local coaches and reporters as reported by Matt and Matt seeing them both play) should put them closer in ranking than that, but that does support Matt ranking them #1 and I have stated I have no prob with that.

        In looking at that poll, I’d personally have EA in the 14-16 range and I personally think they should end up in the lower half of the top 10 or just outside the top 10 if they go undefeated – but the Inky won’t do that if that happens.

        I think Ridley at #5 is not just great for Ridley, but also for EA given how people who have seen them both play feel they are pretty close.

      • Oh, and here’s an interesting thing from that poll which will make for interesting debate down the road.

        It certainly gives Ridley a stronger schedule. From the poll Ridley still has to play #16 GV and #22 Springfield Delco, but EA plays the highest ranked of the two in #13 Malvern.

        Not looking to open up a whole can of worms again as we have been over it, but the scores in those tougher games will tell us something if both win out (which I hope they both do).

        I’m personally worried about EA beating Malvern not so much die to talent level, but because Malvern has some tough game experience (they lost to Roman by 1 and played LaSalle OK given how good they are).

        EA obviously scheduled this season without the expectation of coming together so well.

        If how they are playing now could have been predicted, I would have scheduled a really tough team early on and not worried so much about a loss as it would have better prepared EA for the Inter-Ac.

        All the more reason EA beating Malvern would be really impressive, but that game has me worried due to Malvern’s big game experience even though I think they are pretty evenly matched otherwise.

  2. well andy id LOVE to hear your opinion after you watch that game ,your in for a real treat win or lose ridleys d is unbelievable i agree with the other poster with one exception ridley would win 100 out of 100 times, not 10 of 10. and how could matt have done it sooner, the games just got played fri

    • I’m looking forward to the game. I really like seeing kids play this level.

      I have heard really good things about Ridley from outside of this blog from people who have seen them play. If I feel they are better than EA, I will say so. I’m not a rah rah type who gets so caught up in my team I lose sight of the forest for the trees.

      Matt could have moved Ridley up when they beat ranked Haverford High. Plus, he did not use the Harriton win and Chi comparison as a reason for why Ridley moved up when I asked him above.

      • Ken. You are drinking the Ridley kool aid. They are a very good football team with a storied history and could very well be the #1 team in delco . I have watched both Crowley and Dougherty play since the were little they were beasts then and are beast now but let’s give EA their due. They are also a very good football team with athletes all over the field. I have seen both teams play and it would be a good one. Don’t feel it necessary to belittle other teams accomplishments to make a point about Ridley. They are good enough on their own. Also there is room in delco for more then one good team. Go

  3. @Ken, I believe Ridley deserves to be #1. But like Andy, I didn’t see Matt’s logic in his move to leap EA over Ridley a few wks ago or his logic once moved, having Ridley leap over EA. however, it is clear that if both teams stay undefeated, both are deserving of the #1 spot. But, the beauty of high school football is that on any given day, either team can win. To say that Ridley would win 100-100 shows that you’re not capable of giving an opinion that has any credibility. It would be a great high school game that I wouln’t even give an opinion on until they each go thru their leagues, and even at that point, unless either team has a loss or two, would be impossible to really compare. What we do know is that both teams are playing extremely good football and representing Delco proudly, as do all the athletes that play high school football.

    • I don’t want to imagine it.

      I would think Episcopal, which isn’t playing this weekend, takes over the top spot, followed by Springfield (which plays Radnor), Garnet and Ridley would drop to four. That’ll make the most sense, I think. Also, O’Hara, Haverford High and Interboro would all be in play for spots two, three and four.

  4. Everyone needs to remember that EA rolled over Interboro… that’s why Matt put them at #1. He also predicted them to lose a couple times and they responded by man – handling their opponents. I don’t see why EA gets bumped down here when all they did was roll over Chi. In next weeks Super 7, if Ridley beats GV then they should be Number 1.

    • @Billy who did Matt have EA losing to? Looking at their schedule I’d say through Week 5 in my opinion the only “opportunity” for the Churchmen to lose was against Interboro and it is well documented how that turned out…when else did he pick against them?

      • I had them losing to Kiski School on account of the long road trip and the potential Western Pa. officiating bias.
        I know, it was a stretch, but I was giving them a mulligan, basically. I was dead wrong.

        I picked EA to beat Interboro, actually.

      • Wow. Did not realize you made that pick, Matt.

        EA had just beaten Interboro soundly. Must not have done your homework. Not all Pittsburgh schools are strong in football.

        I have to ask around why EA went to Pittsburgh for a game. All I can think is that it was for outgoing headmaster Ham Clark who came from Pittsburgh, but he came from Sewickely – not Kiski, though they are in the same league.

      • No, I knew Kiski wasn’t good.

        SometimesI just go with my gut, and my gut told me it was a trap game for EA. Oh, well.

  5. Poor writing on my part as I knew you picked EA over INT…come on Kiski hasn’t had a winning season since 2006. Quick research…easy way to add to your win total over the other HS Football “Guru’s”

    • I still have a two-game lead or so.

      I’ve always been a bit of a risk taker (I think I picked Radnor to beat Strath Haven one year).

  6. another thing i wanna straighten out im not and never have said the ea kids or any other kids were bad ,they all work hard and deserve credit for playing a tough game well .im not a bad sportsmen noone cares about the kids more than i thats why i have coached multiple sports cause i love sports at this level but im just being real! come on guys at the college and pro level dont we ALL (including the best national media ) dismiss teams SOLELY because they play a weak schedule be honest

    • i am glad you coached multiple sports. that makes you an expert i will listen more closely now..Oh yea one other thing this is not pro or college we are talking about local high school football

      • didnt say i was an expert you did i said i volunteered time to help coach kids and ok we will use that premise for college and pro but we will pretend its unimportant in h s that makes no sense at all

  7. matt if the rid gv game is the game of the week does that mean youll have audio and live video id love my parents to b able to watch if so thanks tons

  8. So Ken, since EA’s demolition of Interboro is being thrown aside by you as a part of a weak schedule, does that mean that Ridley will be cancelling its Thanksgiving game with the Bucs? Since, you know, Ridley only plays true juggernauts and wouldn’t want to stoop to EA’s level, right?

    There are two reporters who have seen both Ridley and EA play: myself and Matt Smith. Both of us agree that picking one over the other is splitting hairs. I’ve talked to a few other people who saw both teams play who agree that they’re even. You can make the argument for either because like I’ve said before, they’re basically mirror images of each other. EA has a better passing game, Ridley has a better running game, the defenses are a wash, and EA has an advantage in the kicking game. But somehow, you seem to know for a fact that EA is garbage without having actually seen them play. That makes a ton of sense.

  9. Ken
    no one bragged about their schedule. Last i checked Interboro isn’t a nobody and ANYONE who knows football knows that. Truth hurts? you know that EA would give Ridley all they could handle and it hurts your little GREEN heart that a small private school could possibly play with the big bad Raiders As far as the REAL POLLS go I get the USA today every tuesday and I haven’t see Ridley in there yet Good luck Friday

    • your right interboro is a good team and e a beat them great look at the balance of the schedule thats all im saying im not taking away a win for e .a they deserved it they played great but LOOK AT THEIR SCHEDULE dont just talk about 1 game and fyi having talked to people who have saw them both play i havent heard they would give ridley all they could handle maybe a great game to watch, very competitive but all they could handle ?? and dont you worry about my heart green blue or purple it will be fine no matter the color thats my business and thanks for the luck we will sure need it g v coming off a loss is scary

    • You didn’t answer my question about Ridley dropping Interboro since it’s such a bad team.

      Ridley beat a Glen Mills team comprised almost entirely of kids who had never played a game of organized football before, a solid Haverford team, an average Conestoga team, a Strath Haven team that got crushed by a 2A Public League team, and a bad Harriton team. That’s not nearly as impressive as you’re trying to make it out to be. You’ve also previously implied that Ridley should be ranked at the top because of previous years’ accomplishments, which is so ridiculously asinine it doesn’t even merit a response. You’ve also implied that EA “flies in” players. Must be super long flights in from Berwyn, Newtown Square, Haverford, Lower Merion, etc…

      I have no problem with saying that EA has only beaten one team that could be considered anything above average, but dear Lord, you’re trying to make it sound like Ridley has run through an NFC East-type gauntlet. Personally, I don’t care who’s No. 1 and No. 2. I’ve seen both teams play and could make the argument for either. But if you’re going to make an argument, bring facts to the table, not nonsensical drivel.

      • Simply put, Ridley and Episcopal are evenly matched. You can break down the schedules all you want, but neither has played a bunch of world-beaters.
        If Ridley can beat Garnet and Springfield later on, then we can sit here and probably say that Ridley the better team.
        As for the Super 7, Ken, this is not a poll. It’s honestly my ranking and no one else’s (though I’m always looking for inspiration).
        As someone else said, this isn’t college football. We’re talking about Delaware County football and that’s it. There is not coaches poll. If you can’t appreciate what the Delco Times offers, feel free to stop reading.

      • If you think Imhotep Charter is just your run of the mill 2A Public League team then you need to get out of Delco more often…let’s be honest they are crushing everyone and will eventually give West Catholic a great game to decide D12.

        The tradition of Ridley vs Interboro is great but now with PIAA Playoff expansion the true goal of both teams should be a District 1 Championship. It should almost be a goal to not have to play another on Thanksgiving because that means your still playing PLAYOFF football.

      • Hey guys-do me a favor try to keep the Bucks talk to a minimum they are doing a great job of staying under the delco radar. Getting quality wins and sneaking in the back door. And they haven’t had to unleash their air attack since beating Springfield. So shhhhhhh! As far as the Thanksgiving day game I think both teams enjoy the rivalry as do the local fans. See ya in the playoffs

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