Who’s No. 1? Case Analysis for Ridley, Episcopal Academy and Springfield

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Team: Ridley (5-0)

Last Week’s Super 7 Ranking: Third

Last Week’s Result: Defeated Harriton, 35-0

Combined Record of Opponents: 14-11

Contentions: The Green Raiders shut down one of the highest-scoring offenses in the Central League and, to date, have disposed of three teams with winning records (Haverford, Conestoga, Harriton).

Top to bottom, you can’t go wrong choosing Ridley, which is second in the county in average points allowed (10.6) and points scored (31.2). Further, the Green Raiders are averaging 311.8 yards of total offense, while holding teams to 208.6 yards. That’s a pretty impressive disparity.

After giving up 140 yards rushing in the season opener at Glen Mills, Ridley’s rush defense has held teams to no more than 91 rushing yards in a single game. Ridley’s bread and butter is its defensive front seven, which has limited ball carries to a paltry 2.7 yards per carry It helps to have two of the top linemen (Matt Sinex and Steve Plousis) and linebacker (Shane Dougherty) in the county.

In the secondary, they have three players with two interceptions (Jabree Savoy, Mike Crowley and Mike Smoluk), so they are very strong defensively in all facets.

Offensively, first-year quarterback Ed Hild has settled in nicely and running back Darren Washington is starting to show some real potential.

Team: Episcopal Academy (5-0)

Last Week’s Super 7 Ranking: Second

Last Week’s Result: Defeated Chichester, 49-0

Combined Record of Opponents: 11-12

Contentions: First, the counter-argument, and that is the Churchmen’s strength of schedule. Though Del Val Charter sits at 3-2, it is widely believed that Interboro (4-1) was their only true test of the season. And, well, they obviously passed with flying colors.

It’s unfair to suggest Episcopal wouldn’t nearly be as good had they played against teams such as Ridley, Garnet Valley and Springfield. That’s where things start to get nonsensical. Fact is, we’ll never know for sure how good Episcopal is compared to those aforementioned schools. However, they’ve more than earned the right to be labeled a legitimate winning squad, and a favorite to win the Inter-Ac League (which, admittedly, appears down this season).

By now, you know the deal: Episcopal is dominating anyone that steps its way. They hold a 225-7 scoring margin, and the averages for and against are far and away the best in the county.

Quarterback Adam Strouss has completed 64 percent of his passes (32-of-50) for 559 yards and has run the spread offense flawlessly. He has 11 touchdown passes against one interception and his yards-per-completion average is 17.4, which is tops in the county. Strouss also has rushed for 292 yards and seven TDs.

Wide receiver Ian Strain has 16 catches for 342 yards and six touchdowns. The team is loaded with athletes, including kicker/receiver/defensive back Quinn Hager, who is 30-for-31 in PAT opportunities.

On defense, the Churchmen are very similar to Ridley, stats-wise. It’s clear they’re the top two defensive squads in the county.

Team: Springfield (4-1)

Last Week’s Super 7 Ranking: Not ranked

Last Week’s Result: Defeated Garnet Valley, 35-25

Combined Record of Opponents: 13-12

Contentions: Due in large part to their victory over reigning Super 7 No. 1 Garnet Valley, the Cougars are part of this discussion, though it’s far more difficult to make a case in their favor.

Obviously, if I were ranking teams by quality wins, Springfield would take over the No.1 spot because, well, to be the best you have to beat the best, right?

The Cougars have won four in a row, including a pair of overtime victories against Harriton and Upper Darby, after dropping their season opener at home to Interboro.

Springfield is a dynamic run-first team. They’ve amassed a county-best 1,404 yards, highlighted by Cameron Durham, the Tim Tebow of Delco, who has 496 yards and seven touchdowns. Rob Murphy broke a string of four consecutive games of at least two rushing touchdowns last week. Only one team can boast two 400-yard runners after five games, and that’s Springfield.

Its offensive line is dominating the battles at the line of scrimmage. Nick Apostolu, a 6-5, 290-pound junior guard, is garnering serious Division I looks.

Springfield was taken out of the Super 7 because of an uneven performance versus Upper Darby. Yes, I expected much better than a three-point victory, because they are a superior team.

On the other side of the coin, they’ve been good at stopping the run, but no where as solid as Ridley and Episcopal. The Cougars’ biggest weakness is pass coverage, as they’ve allowed quarterbacks to complete about 50 percent of their passes for 822 yards — 164.4 per game.

Even if they’re not No. 1 this week, Springfield is back to what it was predicted to be in August — a District One Class AAA contender

47 thoughts on “Who’s No. 1? Case Analysis for Ridley, Episcopal Academy and Springfield

  1. Until Episcopal loses, they should stay ahead of Ridley – because of the way they have dominated their opponents. Agreed, strength of schedule is a question, but at this point, I would put Interboro and Haverford – each teams toughest opponents to date – at the same level, which would again tip the ranking toward Episcopal. Ridley is without doubt a tremendous team this year and will finish the year undefeated going into playoffs. Episcopal faces 2 decent opponents in upcoming games: Penn Charter & Haverford and will get it’s real test against Malvern. EA-RIDLEY WOULD BE A GREAT GAME TO WATCH! Springfield should be in top 7, but not in consideration for #1. They lossed to Interboro and as you stated, had to go into OT with 2 teams that aren’t very good. Haverford High should be #3 and Interboro #4 at this point, with both teams only losses to the #1 and #2 teams.

    • I agree with your assessment of the top four. I would not complain if #1 was Ridley, with EA at #2. I would not read too much into the Springfield win over GV just yet. Although Springfield did many things extremely well during the game on offense and defense, they left the door wide open for GV to take the game with four turnovers and a 2 yard punt. Except for Corkery, GV could do nothing right. I would put GV at # 4 or #5, and Springfield either #6 or #7. Other teams in consideration have to be Academy Park, O’Hara, and Haverford School. The Super 7 could look a lot different after week 10. Teams that could emerge: Strath Haven, Penncrest, Harriton, Glen Mills, Sun Valley, or maybe somebody else…

      • Joe- how does Haverford High not place in your opinion with their only loss by a TD to Ridley, and four wins a couple by big blowouts?

      • @DelcoFootball – Haverford High DOES fit in to my top 7. I agreed with the top 4 of Tom, which had Haverford High at #3.

      • Until Haverford beats somebody with at least a .500 record, can’t put them ahead of Springfield.

      • @joe- oh. Thanks for the clarification. Sorry Bout that
        @Drew- Haverford can only play who’s in front of them. They played Ridley tougher than anyone thus far, and has handled everyone else with ease, including 53 points on Penncrest, 42 against Radnor(teams that they SHOULD do that to) and solid games against Council Rock and Marple. Granted the Conestogas, Garnet Valleys, and even a surprising offensive team in Hariton are waiting in the weeds. I guess time will tell if they’re contender or pretender in a few weeks

  2. The real argument is between 1 and 2 and whether certain teams should make the super 7 or not. 2-5 are all pretty even so it is hard to argue against where they are placed.

    Same can be said for Ridley/EA. I don’t think you can go wrong no matter which is ranked #1.
    Ridley has a slightly stronger scheduled, though not by enough to make much a difference in my view – and especially with EA’s scoring dominance.

    Ridley’s real quality win is 23-15 over Haverford High.

    EA’s real quality win is 41-0 over Interboro. And remember, Interboro beat Springfield which beat GV.

    If you call Interboro and Haverford High about equal, EA had the more dominate win.

    It’s obviously not my call. I see EA and Ridley as very close. Pretty much even. At this point I’d say their defenses are equal with the EA offense having a slight edge.

    If Matt stays course, it is EA #1 and Ridley #2 with the caveat that annoys people of being 1a/1b – which I agree with. It’s basically a coin toss.

    Now, if Ridley beats GV this week, then next week you can make an argument on strength of schedule Ridley would be #1.

    EA beating Malvern on the 26th cold then give EA the strength of schedule swing as Malvern is under consideration for the Inky SE PA Top 10 and GV is out of it.

    The other strong upcoming opponents each has are EA v. Haverford School and Ridley v. Springfield (though you never know in these two leagues – could be other upsets. Penn Charter is a sleeper and could sneak up on EA. I don’t think Ridley has too much worry about other than Springfield after GV, but you never know).

    We will have to see how it all plays out.

    If both manage to go undefeated (which would be great for both squads), it is still a coin flip, where I would make the decision on scoring margin – and especially against their stronger opponents.

    Also would not surprise me if EA and Ridley each end up with one loss, Still a lot of football left. Either could possibly lose 2, but I doubt it – and especially having it happen to both.

    Obviously, if one has a better record at the end, that is #1 unless some other team comes out of nowhere.

  3. lets see… ridley played and beat glen mills, hav, harriton. strath haven and e.a. beat such powerhouses as the feared KISKI school and the dreaded HILL school o wait they beat chi who has literally won 1 game in like 10 years, my sr peewee team could beat them yeah e.a is a powerhouse that deserves to be 1 ok

  4. not that it matters guys but as far as matts points against stat goes it should be noted that ridley plays 2nd and 3rd stringers once there up 3 scores so almost all points have been against 2s or 3s i think the starting d has given up maybe 2 tds so points ag is a weird stat! ridley doesnt play for stats they play to let everyone play an admirable thing in the middle of such heated races kudos

    • Glen Mills and Strath Haven are not competitive at all either against any talent. Imhoptep Charter put 68 points up on Strath Haven. The Philly public league did that to SH. Harriton is well coached, but has very little talent. Small, skinny team.

      Same goes for EA on back-ups. They would have won those games 70-0.

      EA put the backups in for half the game against against a very solid Interboro team they beat 41-0.

      When, if at all, did Ridley put back-ups in against Haverford High – their only really solid opponent so far in a 23-15 win?

      I stick to my points in my above post. These are two evenly matched teams.

      If EA had not crushed a quite good Interboro team I’d say put Ridley #1.

      You can say Interboro was not prepared, made mistakes, etc. You can say that about any team when it loses.

      Fact is, EA beat them 41-0 and Ridley does not have such a dominate win over a quality opponent yet.

      Things can change. EA does not play next week, and if Ridley has a real solid win against GV, I’d have no prob with them being #1 until we see how EA does against a highly regarded Malvern team – and I posted as much above.

      • again ridley sacrifices the so called dominating wins by putting 2s and 3s in they dont pride themselves on that ! it was julius ceaser who said “one must never humiliate a defeated opponent on the field of battle” the scores would be astronomical if they bought into that dominating win thing you are digging for straws to find these things come on

  5. @Ken – did you read my post. I said EA was putting backups in too. Any sporting coach does it – and especially on the high school level. I question Imhoptep running up 68 on Strath Haven, but Ridley is not some super pious program here that is being punished for putting backups in. EA had backups in really early against Del Val Charter, Hill School and Kiski – and in for half the game against a quite good Interboro team (41-0 at halftime, 41-0 final).

    EA scored 162 points in the first half against those four teams and 14 in the second half against those same four teams. That’s called putting substitutes in and not running up the score.

    Now EA did score 28 in the second half against Chichester. I was not at that game. I would assume most of those points were scored by 2nd and 3rd stringers against an overmatched opponent.

    Any good coach does not run up the score in high school, and Ridley and EA have very good coaches.

    • andy i did read your post and never implied ridley was ” being punished ” i simply said everyone was elevating certain teams because they scored alot of points against subpar teams , all i said is look closely at the teams and dont take much stock in some defensive stats as they are misleading ! your team scored a bunch of points, won a couple of games and im sure your excited that must be thrilling for you but keep it real dude if my schedule looked like that i wouldnt brag that much. if at all im sorry but when youve won dozens of league titles, district titles and have been to hershey beating chi and the hill school doesnt even warrant discussion in our world and yes ridley has a great coach .. one who owns the highest winning percentage in delco.. for a reason GO BIG GREEN

  6. Super seven should be 1) Ridley 2) EA 3) Haverford 4) O’Hara 5) Haverford School 6) Springfield 7) Garnet Valley

    Ridley is hanging in there at number one by a slim margin. Still not sold on EA, Penn Charter is very weak this year should be an easy win. Haverford high is playing well so I like them at three. Going to get a ton of crap for this but O’Hara should be right up there. They’ve showed flashes of looking good against Wood and La Salle(albeit really short flashes) and they still have victories over a very good Ryan and Hav School team. If we’re comparing numbers O’Hara beat a Ryan team that put the same hurting on Chi as EA did. It’s tough because EA schedules cupcake prep school competition so I honestly want to root for them, but at the same time I’m not sold yet. Haverford School is a much better team than Springfield and Garnet Valley because they have arguably the best player in Delco running the ball and stopping offenses in #47.

    • Let’s not forget Interboro my friend. They only move up from #7 after last weeks romp over William Penn Charter. They have quality wins in their last three games and Let us not forget wonderful o’week 1 when they beat Springfield, yep Springfield. Looking at Interboro now, it is really beginning to look like that freak game against EA was just that…. a Freak

    • Interesting perspective. I can accept Ridley at #1 because I really think it is a toss up with EA. I just think there is just as strong of an argument for EA being #1 after dismantling Interboro – who I happen to think is pretty good. I personally can see Interboro ranked ahead of Springfield because they did beat them when they (the Bucs) were not playing so well early in the season. For #1, It’s truly a matter of opinion because there is really nothing to make a good comparison between EA and Ridley.

      I’d keep EA #1 until we see how Ridley does against GV, but I can also understand Ridley at #1.

      I tend to agree with you on O’Hara. They have some quality wins. The Wood game last week was disappointing, but they held up to LaSalle as well as anyone else. Thinking about it, I might put O’Hara at #3 – and I might get push back for that.

      Not sure how good Haverford High is. They played Ridley close, but like EA, Ridley has not really played a top notch schedule so far. Haverford High needed 14 in the 4th to put away a not very good Marple last week. This is why I am really curious about the Ridley/GV game as it will say a lot about where teams stand in the Central. Ridley loses or barely wins,and the Central has a lot of evenly matched good but not great teams. Ridley wins strong and you can argue they are heads above the rest of the league at that point.

      I think you might get get push back on HS being “much better” than Springfield and GV, but I don’t disagree with where you ranked them either.

      I think HS has really jelled as a team, and it goes beyond just one player.

    • I wouldn’t classify Penn Charter as “very weak” – they are 3-1 with their only loss to Interboro in a good game. In addition, they have a OL/DL going to Notre Dame, a WR going to West Virginia and a highly recruited RB who rushed for over 1800 yards last season. I believe they are a very good team that may be underachieving, but in no way are they a weak team.

      • Tom,
        Stacked + underachieving = WEAK. Really, Penn Charter didn’t play very well against Interboro. RB had a a good # of yards but thats it. The line was broken Interboro did what they wanted when they wanted to do it. The OL/DL going to Notre Dame was not even a contributor to that game

    • @DelcoFan did you go to HS game this past weekend…my god they wanted to lose Penn Wood. They have beaten no won on their way to a 3-2 mark. The strongest victory they have is to a Kennett squad also sitting at 3-2 thus far. The Blue Devils three victories have come from teams with a combined record of 1-14. You can’t be serious with them in the top 5. #47 is a stud no denying that, but as a team…I’ll respectfully disagree. If EA and HS suited up last weekend EA has their 2nd stringers in by mid 3rd quarter. Next thing you know HS will be the next victim of getting their signs stolen…Speed Boat and Row Boat secret it out!

    • Penn charter is absolutely not weak!!! They have Mcglinchey going to NOTRE DAME, Worley going to ANOTHER TOP 10 WEST VIRGINIA, and a D-1 AA prospect in Neefe the rb who put up 200+ yards on Interboro. NO OTHER SCHOOL CAN BOAST TOP 10 D-1A RECRUITS LIKE THAT. They were on the goal line and stuffed constantly by Interboro, if they had converted a few times early, it would have been a whole different game. Keep in mind Springfield lost to Interboro too. Penn charter is in no way weak, if anything they are scary and set up to make a huge splash in the inter ac this year. Their only weaknesses are a horrible qb situation (starters injured but has no arm anyway) and the fact that their big lineman (and they are big) play both ways. I wouldn’t be surprised if they took out everyone in the Inter ac other than Malvern. Matt Smith, you should do some homework on them because they’re gonna pop up a lot in coming weeks with inter ac delco schools.

      If EA loses to them, no one should freak out. It’s not that big of an upset. EA has shown their new offense and you have to understand that it’s different in the interac. These kids don’t care as much about non – league games. THEY DONT PLAY IN STATE PLAYOFFS. If anything they rest potentially injured players before then and it becomes a whole new season. Matt Smith, you should definitely address this fact.

      • That’s great that they have 2 D1 commits and one D1AA running back. Last time I checked football is played with 11 guys, if you can’t run the ball on the goal line on Interboro with your D1 TACKLE, then how do you expect to compete with EA Malvern and HS. They can’t get their ball to their D1 WR, so they have offensive woos. Would love to see EA come to O’Hara or Bonner for a game.

      • Agreed on the I-A. I played football at EA, have been following them just about my whole life, and the league games are brutal. There are very few of them and no playoffs, so it is war. The scouting and preparation for each game is incredibly intense because every game is so important.

        My take on this EA team comes from playing on their last undefeated (for the season as well as league) team – the ’81 squad that was top 10 SE PA.

        This ’12 EA team is not as talented, and the ’81 team barely beat Malvern and only beat PC because Chris Flynn ripped the ball out of the PC running back’s hands as they were running the clock down with under two minutes left in a torrential downpoor, held on to it ran it back for a TD.

        Just saying from experience and being on one of EA’s best teams ever – the I-A was still brutal.

        As for this EA team, I have been following EA for over 30 years, and this is the closest thing I have seen to the ’81 and ’82 teams. The ’82 team was loaded and still did not win the I-A outright.

        I think EA beats PC, but I’m worried about Malvern. If EA gets by Malvern, HS will still be very tough as that is one of those rivalries where you throw the records out.

        If EA somehow runs the table, this is a special team indeed, but I agree they have yet to be tested so TBD.

  7. Also, it is a joke that Springfield is in the conversation for number 1. Haverford should absolutely be ranked ahead of them. Here’s what I’d do.

    1) EA – they should stay here until they play Penn Charter unless…
    2) Ridley – should stay at #2 unless they a, drop 40 on GV or b, hold GV to less than 10pts
    3) Haverford High – THEY LOST BY A TD TO RIDLEY
    4) Springfield – Just beat GV
    5) Garnet Valley – lost a tough one to Springfield, but should’t drop out because of that
    6) Interboro – BEAT SPRINGFIELD, ROMPED OVER Penn Charter… a very good win, arguably better than beating springfield
    7) Up for grabs

    • @ Joe- I agree that S-field shouldn’t be in the conversation for #1 right now. But almost beating Ridley doesn’t make you better than the team that just knocked off the defending league champs and last week’s #1. C’mon man!

      Why is everyone hot on Haverford?

  8. Ridley is #7 in the Pa Football News 4A statewide rankings, #9 in the PaPreps 4A statewide rankings, #9 in the Eastern Pa Football 3A/4A poll, and in the Teams to Watch in the Patriot News rankings, but can’t break into the #1 spot in their county.

    • Ridley deserves all a that. EAs just underrated. go see em play. Saw them both and I’d pay serious cash to see them both line up.

      • I’m saying that. Lets be honest, and I’m not attacking you or being negative, simply calling a spade a spade, but this blog post is just you as a writer, which is completely understandable as sensationalism, inquiry, and hype sell news, trolling for debate, comments, and interest.

        You were sold on EA before ever seeing them play. Then, after watching them dismantle Chichester, a team that Harriton, who lost to Ridley 35-0, beat 42-14, you left convinced they were/are the real deal, which they very well may be. You stated that they are every but as good as Ridley but bigger at the skill positions.

        Well, if that last statement, which is your words, is true, why is there a debate over who is #1 in your mind? As the Super 7 administrator, you have final say, and if you think EA is at least as good as Ridley, but bigger and very athletic, why would Ridley even be in your personal consideration for the top spot?

        If Ridley ends up #1 this week it is only because you want to stir up more debate and discussion. Like I said, I don’t blame you; it’s good for blog traffic and the paper.

        Just my opinion and not at all an attack on your character.

      • Your accusing me of sensationalism?? I mean…Really?? This is still a high school football blog, right?

        I’m not causing a stir just to cause a stir, so I’d suggest you consider your words carefully from here on out. It’s a false claim and, yes, it’s an attack on my character and the Daily Times. We’re here to provide a service for our readers.

        The whole purpose of this blog is to “engage the community,” which is PRECISELY what the higher-ups at my company want EVERY REPORTER they employee to do. Hell, it’s the reason we have this site in the first place. I’m engaging the readers, nothing more or nothing less. If you think that’s sensationalism, it’s dead wrong.

        I wrote this post at 4 a.m. Monday night/Tuesday morning. Why? Because I had ideas running in my head about how to decide this No. 1 dilemma. I was torn.

        If you don’t believe that I am truly torn on this No. 1 issue, that’s not my problem. It’s why I reached out to you, the reader, to voice a opinions. I read them all.

        So what if I was sold on EA before seeing them play? I was sold on Garnet Valley, and I’m almost sold on Interboro and Springfield. I haven’t seen them play, either. I trust the opinions of other coaches and reporters who saw them play before I ever did.

        I’ve seen Ridley and EA … and I still can’t decide who is better. So, it’s not like I’m hopping on one bandwagon and bashing the other. This is why I emptied everyone’s “arguments” onto this blog, to give every team I believed deserved No. 1 recognition this week a fair trial, so to speak.

        We’re not making money here off this blog. It’s truly a free service to our readers. There are no annoying pop up ads or videos. Hits and page views are the last thing on my mind.

        You’re way off-base with that assertion and I resent your comments.

      • To be fair, Matt has been consistent. He stated he had trouble deciding who is better between EA and Ridley when he called them 2a/2b before he saw them both play based on what coaches and reporters had told him about the teams.

        Now that he has seen them both play, it confirms what he was told by coaches and reporters and he pretty much still has them as even teams.

        One thing I can say from experience (having played in and watch the I-A for decades) is I don’t think they get the respect they deserve in general throughout Philly by reporters (not Matt as he is giving them fair consideration, but he is closer to them then the Inky and Daily News reporters).

        I don’t think it is the rich kid thing that Matt mentioned, but rather the size of the schools in the I-A that causes the bias. When I was at EA it was all male with 88 guys in my graduating class. That’s 360 high school guys to field 20 varsity teams over three seasons. Now EA is coed, but still has about the same number of guys at 550 students total.

        Yet EA has managed to have some top notch football and soccer programs, nationally ranked in lacrosse, basketball and squash while having no real doormats of teams.

        None of the I-A schools are much bigger than EA, yet they have produced some very competitive football teams over the years and quite a few NFL players.

        Ridley, by comparison, has over 2,000 students to field a football team.

        That to me makes this EA football team that much more compelling, though it does not make them better than Ridley. We will never know – even if both go undefeated.

        As for recruiting, EA does offer scholarships based on need. Every kid that goes to EA or an I-A school is athletic because you are required to play a sport every season.

        This EA team certainly did not recruit great talent. It’s the same team that won 5 game the previous two seasons. It’s darn near impossible to recruit a great football team with so few students and high academic standards and I don’t see any super sophs or freshmen contributing to this team.

        I just see everything falling into place with very good overall talent, incredible team chemistry, and senior leadership like the lacrosse team that just went from .500 to national top 10 with the same players.

        None of this makes EA #1, but it makes them even being in consideration for it pretty amazing.

        I have stated it is a toss up and it would not bother me if EA is #2. I have seen EA play several times. I will see Ridley play Friday night.

        Then I will be able to say whether I feel Matt got it right from what I have seen, but again, these will always just be opinions as there are not direct comparisons for Ridley and EA.

    • love ya hatebbq you couldnt be more right we dont need respect here as we take it in other places as listed above they will all see in the end

  9. What Springfield did in the locker rooms was disgusting. I hope the head coach does the right thing and disciplines the players involved

  10. To Andy, just to clarify… EA does not offer any “scholarship”. There is, however, need-based financial aid. Your athletic talent, or musical/academic talent, does not get you more money than any other student applying for aid. The word “scholarship” sends a different message than what EA currently practices.

    To all else, you can make arguments for either team and right now can’t go wrong as long as they are both 1 and 2. To me, there isn’t anybody else in the conversation right now to be 1 or 2. However, with a Ridley loss this weekend, EA should undoubtedly be the #1 team next week heading into Penn Charter.

    • Not sure what you are saying. If EA just flat-out recruited they would be great every year.

      Look at the basketball program.They don’t recruit like Oak Hill, but they offer scholarships like Ivy schools based on need.

      When EA was top 10 in the nation in Basketball a few years back, they had two future 1st round NBA picks. Gerald Henderson started in 2nd grade and his dad paid full tuition ($30k a year for high school). It was not known in 2nd grade how good G would be and his family chose EA after looking at a variety of schools. He was not recruited in 2nd grade.

      Henderson then had Wayne Ellington from Reading join his AAU summer team in 8th grade and Henderson told Ellington he needed to play in Philly with his talent for college recognition and suggested EA. Ellington’s parents then looked at a variety of schools (public, Catholic and private) around Philly and chose EA and moved nearby. Same thing happens with public schools. Families will move to get to better programs.

      EA basketball coach Dan Dougherty (the winningest in Philly high school history) did not know Ellington was coming to EA until he enrolled – which of course nobody wants to believe.

      As for the rest of the team, 6’9 center Mike Yocum was good but could not make it at mid-level D-I and the other payers 5’11-6’1 guys who played football and lacrosse and has been at EA since middle and lower school.

      Since that team and especially since Dougherty retired, EA basketball has not been that good while Oak Hill is national top 10 every year. If they specifically recruited, wouldn’t the basketball be great every year? Only need five. Why isn’t the football team great or real good every year?

      Most of the students at EA have their parents paying $30k a year and are three sport athletes by school requirement. Maybe Matt is right and some people can’t believe kids who have wealthy parents can also be good athletes.

      Heck, the Ridley supporters should be saying the same thing about Garnet Valley then – but GV has a huge student body like Ridley while EA does not. Didn’t GV just bring in a really good receiver from another district? Aren’t GV families well-to-do?. Have you seen the school taxes their and the fact there are no really affordable places to live in the school district?

      No, I think it all comes out in the wash. The Ivy League offers a small percentage student athletes scholarships based on need, and tiny EA does the same thing.

      Year in and year out Ridley is better than EA in football. If EA really recruited that would not be the case.

      • Andy, Episcopal has 120 kids in a grade. 60 of which are boys and 60 of which are girls. Half of those boys do not play a sport (It is optional). GA and PC are in similar situations; however, in no way are the 1-A schools even. Hverford school and Malvern have over 120 (malvern <150 boys a grade) BOYS a grade. They are at a complete and ridiculous disadvantage and have made the most of it.

      • While I went to EA, I don’t have kids there (can’t afford it!), but I just called a classmate of mine who does have kids there.

        I said EA has about 550 high school students. I could be off a little, but that about 137 kids a grade. EA is not 50/50 boy/girl. More boys. About 80-90 boys a grade. He agreed.

        When I was there they did require three sports. Now, according to my friend, they require two sports with a senior cut for one sport that hardly anyone takes – so my mistake and how that changed.

      • Frank and Andy,
        My daughter goes to Episcopal. Andy and Frank are both right and wrong on certain aspects. There are a greater number of boys than girls, but Andy, 80- 90 guys a grade is feeble compared to Malvern and Haverfords numbers (Franks point). My daughter agrees with the athlete – non athete divide and says that around half of the kids who play sports play two actual varsity sports (mostly as underclassmen). I believe why EA is doing so well. The majority of their starters have lettered since freshman and sophmore year. As a graduate of Haverford school, we (haverford) have a huge advantage in that respect. This is why we along with Malvern have dominated in recent years. The academic load on the kids in the Inter- AC, GA, Haverford, and especially EA (in recent years has become an Academic powerhouse) should also be noted. It makes Episcopal’s run even more impressive since they have to deal with 4 hours of homework every night after practice.

  11. Matt, I think you did an excellent job with today’s super 7. You were true to yourself with mixing it up and giving teams their day in the sun, when deserved, similar to the way ESPN does it with MLB and NFL rankings. There is no way to know when teams never play each other! Or, play one other Delco team! So people, dont get so bent out of shape. This aint college polls, thank goodness.

    • Once a high school football blogs turns into a war of words about economic imbalances and student-athlete solicitation, I drop the hammer. Let’s not go there.

  12. Ken, I am with you, If it is proven that the boys from Springfield did damage over at GV ( And I hear it was Horrible ) They should be punished.

    • This is ABSOLUTELY 100 percent FALSE.
      Having spoken with officials on both sides, the Springfield football team did no damage whatsoever to Garnet Valley High School.That is confirmed.
      While there was an incident, it’s been blown entirely out of proportion.
      This discussion ends now or I’ll have to start banning people from commenting.

  13. I thought the explanation of the aide that is offered at Inter-Ac schools was stated well and in very good taste.

    I still haven’t heard why DelcoFan is so high on the HS…zero quality wins thus far. A few big name players don’t make a successful football team. Everyone will see that when EA walks all over PC.

  14. This is ABSOLUTELY 100 percent FALSE.
    Having spoken with officials on both sides, the Springfield football team did no damage whatsoever to Garnet Valley High School.That is confirmed.
    While there was an incident, it’s been blown entirely out of proportion.
    This discussion ends now or I’ll have to start banning people from commenting.

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