Fab 5: Week 5

1. Cameron Durham, QB/ATH, Springfield: Durham should be a top candidate for Central League MVP at the Delco Coaches Association meeting after leading the Cougars to an upset of Super 7 No. 1 Garnet Valley. Durham was pretty much unstoppable, exploding for 198 yards and three touchdowns. His 61-yard dash to pay dirt in the fourth quarter was the nail in the coffin. It helps that Durham has a fab-five offensive line, too.

2. Dan Griffin, RB, Sun Valley: Griffin bulldozed his way to 179 yards and two touchdowns, guiding the Vanguards to their fourth win in five games. Like Durham, Griffin can also thank his o-line.

3. Kevin Trusty & Dan Young, WRs, Penncrest: These two have been producing all year long. Friday night, in the Lions’ semi-surprising victory over Strath Haven (2-3), Trusty and Young accounted for 179 yards and 12 catches and three touchdowns. These two playmakers are proving to be two of the top wideouts in the county.

4. Jim Haley, QB/S, Bonner-Prendergast: Saturday’s one-point loss to Father Judge

Bonner-Prendergast’s Jim Haley torched Father Judge’s defense for 350 total yards.

stuck in Haley’s crawl (see the blog post from Saturday), but the All-Delco certainly did everything he could to will the Friars to victory. He rushed for 195 yards while passing for 155 yards, and totaled two touchdowns. If there were an award for best leader, Haley would win it. Haley wears his captaincy and emotions on his sleeve like no one I’ve seen.

5. Donte Coates, QB, Glen Mills: The Battlin’ Bulls are starting to heat up, and Coates had his best game of the year, going 8-for-9 with 155 yards and three touchdowns in The Mills’ 49-0 rout of Ballou (D.C.).

NOTE: The Fab 5 is done every week in good fun. Every week I’ll try to mix things up and include new players who have shown they deserve the recognition. 

4 thoughts on “Fab 5: Week 5

  1. I’d love to see a defensive fab 5 every week. Defenses in this area are scary.
    Springfield’s got Dougherty coyne ketler and Smyth the safety
    Ridelys got the other Dougherty..who’s a monster, dion shaw, cristin, casey deprinzio
    Haverford’s got Matt Galambos, Chris Morgan, and Reed the dlineman
    EAs LBs Mclaughlin, Russel, and Ibarguen

    the list goes on and it’d be great to give some defensemen a shoutout
    I remember back in the day how being a backer went unnoticed, people just care about the scorers when it’s the Defense who wins championships.

    • The fact that we don’t keep track of tackles (something we’ve never done because of the time it requires) is the reason for that.
      If I’m covering a game, I’ll jot down jersey numbers or, for example, “Smith SACK” or “Smith TACK LOSS” just to give me a reminder of who played well on defense.
      But, since we don’t keep defensive stats (with the exception of interceptions), it’s difficult to know for sure who played well on defense unless a reporter mentions him in an article or if I’m told so-and-so had a huge game.
      It’s not until Monday night at the weekly coaches meeting that I know for sure who excelled on defense, special teams and offensive line.
      I have mentioned most of those guys you named, plenty of times.
      Also, when I list a kid’s position, if I list both of his positions (RB/LB), that means I am giving him credit for his defensive performance. For example, Haley had a strong game at safety in addition to amassing 350 yards of offense.

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